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Confessions of a Noob and an Epic Fail


That was priceless! Yet frightening as someone about to make their first order of DIY stuff this week.

So to recap, if you were to look back and type the #1 mistakes to look out for, what would those be?
#1 I suspect would be, read, read, read.

Anymore? :wink:


My two: Label everything really well. :stuck_out_tongue: Start with measuring by weight.
There’s a great thread on the “Don’ts” of DIY.


Absolutely. It sucks when you find a bottle of juice at your mixing station with no label and you’re not sure what it is.


If I had to go back my advice to myself would be to definitely read Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid

JoJo put together one helluva collection of useful threads there that after you read through it all, there is NO WAY you will fail. I was already mixing before I found this site. And that thread made me start over and do things right. So thank you @JoJo. I have a much better understanding of more things than I can mention because of your help.

Another thing I did wrong was to think I could do a little research and recreate some of my favorite recipes. I was wrong. But after reading that thread I could give it a more educated try.

I suggest you look at the flavors in the juices that fit your profile. Then come here and find recipes that fit your flavor profile. Pick out a few and order those flavors. Start out small. But my thing is I hate to pay shipping for small orders. So I am getting ready to order $300 worth of flavors from 3 different sites.

I know that sounds crazy. But to stay focused on starting small those flavors will be put in the closet until I am ready to move on to the next recipe. I haven’t mixed much in the past 2 weeks. Because I have a few batches steeping that I want to make sure are good. Once I have a feel for those flavors (Strawberry (FA), Vienna Cream (FA), and Cream Soda (FW)) I will move on to another recipe.

So I guess the main jist of my reply is to take your time. Go slow. Mix very small batches and give them time to steep before trying again. And I think learning about each and every flavor as you go should be your first priority.


Aw, yay! Glad that post helped. It was a group effort. :smile:


Check and recheck read the recipes over and over double triple check. Stay organized and create a comfortable way to catalogue I started using the create a recipe and leaving them private, but keep a small black book with single flavor % trials on one side with recipes on the other. To each their own
My first mistake was the syringe :syringe: I neglected to figure the extra 2-3 ml in the needle, so while nothing was ruined as they were only single flavors but had to go back and re catalogue everything
Happy mixing and good luck


I was going to tell you the exact same 2 things as JoJo. :smile:


Thank you for all the hints.
All the information here there and everywhere is a bit overwhelming so although I knew about the links to the beginners page, I had forgotten about it and now have it right on my browser bar and will read daily for a week or so, then make my first order…as that will take a bit of planning to do, being that i am not in the US but Canada, making it a bit harder, in the beginning. Than I shall re-read again.
Truly not looking forward to the beginning process but know its a process one must experience in order to learn.

Have just spent several months learning all I could about vaping, rebuilding, modifying when needed, only in the end to circle round and decide what i wanted was flavour only, and not the rest of it all.
Hoping to get that right with DIY.
Have spent time testing so many juice and know exactly what I like and hope not to make some disasters trying out genres of juice I already know I won’t like, no matter how great the recipe might appear.
Right now focusing on getting the “perfect” ingredients to make a base Vanilla/Custard recipe so I will read that beginners guide from top to bottom and back again. :smile:

I just want to reach a point where little time is invested in this hobby of vaping…lol…so far it’s taken up far too much time and am hoping that after I do master a vanilla custard and 1-2 more, that I can finally sit back, vape and enjoy without feeling as if I need to learn this or that in order to accomplish that correctly ::smile:

And then…and only then, enjoy puttering around while making a new flavour here and there but just enjoy my vape while doing other things…rather than fitting in those other things, while learning what i need to Vape successfully.

I have no doubt some know what i mean.

Thanks for all the tips and am off to start reading that page …Thank you all!!!


For Vanilla Custard, you might want to try one of these two… both are great:
Third World Custard
[CustardStone] [2]

[2]: http://tjek.nu/r/12wP <— I make up 30ml of this Custardstone
and use it at 10-12% as a standalone flavor as well as mixing it with a coffee, a fruit, a nut, and/or caramel. Always keep this on hand.


Thanks, will try that…i read your notes about mastering the stand alone flavour which makes perfect sense.
This weekend I will finish reading it all and make my first order…


Bookmarked and d/l for safe keeping

But, I will do yours first due to the point u made about stand alone flavour backup u spoke of.


Please let us know how it goes! :smile:


I so hope it goes better than the OP of this thread did. U shall be the first to know :smile:

I have to sit down and actually figure out all I need and order it.
A bit overwhelming to order when I just want to order everything and end up ordering none at all.
This weekend i will finally get it done.
Once i do it once, then I will find it much easier to look at flavours and guess better as to whether I will use it or not in the future.
Last but not least, I don’t have any desire to try everything.
I already know that i only like 2 genre of flavours, Desserts/Custards and Berry vapes but most berry vapes I have tried, of retail versions, always have a medicinal aftertaste to me.
Hene, I will focus only on custards until i feel that’s been mastered. Much of your earlier comments, solidified that for me.



I found I liked Unicorn Milk, so I ordered enough flavoring to make a truckload of that flavor. And gambit v2 looked good so I ordered a bunch of that flavoring next, along with a few flavors that looked pretty good. Now I went through and picked out flavors for a few different recipes and I only had to order about a dozen flavors. So as I go I am slowly building up my stash. Soon I will just be restocking instead of ordering as many new flavors.


Wow that sucks bro i feel sorry for ya im sure that bottle of nicotine was not cheap.


:joy: nope, not cheap at all.


Curious, how much money in let’s say, American dollars would such a mistake have cost him, roughly?


500ml 100mg nicotine runs about $60 USD including shipping.

But it’s not a complete loss, he just has to make a ton of strawberry accented juice!


Here’s another nic related faux pas - i just picked up a 120ml bottle of nic by the cap after setting it down without screwing the cap down DUH!. The cap came off when I had the bottle an inch or so off the table. The bottle tipped over and I quickly grabbed it up off the table. Luckily for my “cats are jealous of me” reflexes not a drop was spilled. If it were PG based I would probably be in the hospital right now. Thank god for VG based nicotine! I feel pretty stupid right now. Damnit, that was dumb!


I started putting my nic in this kind of container since I still syringe my nic. I blend by weight but syringe the nic still. Anyway, I fill these small containers which are wider and less tall so I have a more stable size for the actual blending process. Maybe this might help?