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Confessions of a Noob and an Epic Fail


That is darn near the shape of the container it is in. I was transferring my new bottle of Heartland Vapes nic to my glass bottle for storage in the freezer. I starting removing the cap on the nic then realized I hadn’t removed the cap on the glass bottle yet. So I sat the nic down and removed the glass bottle cap. It was when I picked the nic back up that I screwed up.


That’s probably the reason you were not wearing it then. That wider base saved your @ss !!!


Well, the nic had the aluminum seal on it still. I just poked a couple holes in it and mixed a recipe. Then later I came back to the mixing table to transfer the nic to my storage bottle.

One thing I do before removing my gloves is I wipe the bottle of nic I am using down with a clean paper towel, and flush the paper towel down the toilet so my son doesn’t have a chance to get to it in the trash. If not for that I may have gotten some on my hand.

I am not too paranoid though because I have read a bunch of info about nicotine poisoning in case I ever do screw up. I read that a couple guys tried to commit suicide by drinking a bunch of pure nicotine. They supposedly lived.

I will see if I can find the article again.

Do I have the basics to start with?

…The recent rise in the use of electronic cigarettes, many forms of which are designed to be refilled with nicotine-containing “e-liquid” supplied in small plastic bottles, has renewed interest in nicotine overdoses, especially in the possibility of young children ingesting the liquids.[22] A 2015 report on e-cigarettes by Public Health England noted an “unconfirmed newspaper report of a fatal poisoning of a two-year old child” and two published case reports of children of similar age who had recovered after ingesting e-liquid and vomiting.[22] They also noted case reports of suicides by nicotine. Where adults drank liquid containing up to 1,500 mg of nicotine they recovered (helped by vomiting), but an ingestion apparently of about 10,000 mg was fatal, as was an injection.[22] They commented that "Serious nicotine poisoning seems normally prevented by the fact that relatively low doses of nicotine cause nausea and vomiting, which stops users from further intake.


Is there such thing as an “ideal” % of flavoring in DIY? Im green as a pool table in doing this-I have made some but I never seem to get a FLAVOR…any tips would be greatly appreciated!


It really depends on what you are making, and what flavoring you use. You will find Flavourart recipes tend to have a very low flavoring percentage total. TFA based recipes use a lot more flavoring. It is best to research each individual flavor and see where others use that particular flavor rather than to aim for a certain percentage in a complete recipe. But I generally try to stay below 20%. Sometimes I get close to that. But generally I end up around 15% or so it seems.


What flavor vendors are you using?


The magic number for FA is 2-5% for single flavor, and for multiple flavors 3-7%. Many report over 10% with FA mutes the flavor and gives a funny taste making you the nic is bad. I don’t normally mix FA all by its self but when I plan a recpie and I end up with over 7% I start looking at what can be cut back and the flavor goal.

Since I normally mix cap, FA, tpa together I normally hit 4-5% FA, and another 5-8% other band of flavors totally 10-16% flavor.


what about Lorann? is that any good?


i have a chart of which ones are NOT good to use


Based on what others have to say - some good flavors, some not so good. They get a lot of criticism for using food coloring***, but that isn’t in all of their flavorings. Their Cream Cheese Icing is very popular, and despite having food coloring people also like their Banana Cream and Watermelon. Lorann tends to be middle of the road in terms of concentration. Anywhere from 5-10% depending on the particular flavoring.

*** Regarding food coloring, this is one of those areas where we don’t know what the risks are. Could be harmful, could be harmless. But it doesn’t affect the flavor, so some of us would rather not have extra coloring in our mixes.

Look up specific flavors here for more detailed info http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors


Curious to know if one dropped, lets say 100mg/pg nicotine on their skin what happens? Curious to know how bad a reaction might be, for most people. Non-existent, a red bump, rash, or what? I can guess but curious to hear those who have done it, what reaction they have had.


I have never been that careless. But if you Google Nicotine Poisoning, wikipedia has a nice read on the subject.


i already had but that concerned an overdose. I am simply curious as to what sort of skin reaction someone has received that dropped 1-2 drops.


Basically if it soaks into your skin and gets into your bloodstream… same thing. I personally wouldn’t get too excited and would calmly walk to the sink and wash my skin with cold water. Even at 100mg, I am not too worried. I do wear gloves. But I don’t get all dressed up to mix. Let the flaming begin! :wink:


i broke out in a few hives on my skin although i was covered up, but its possible i somehow dropped something out of the tip of a needle, being my first time. I was simply trying to figure out if the hives were from this, if so. Not important, simply curious as i dont break out in hives normally.


Just remember to wash with cold water. Hot water will open the pores in the skin and let contaminants enter your blood stream. I have watched a guy taste 24mg e-liquid a dozen times. If it was that deadly, he’d be dead. They don’t really know what a fatal dose is. It’s all speculation.


Good Point. Thank you. I was well prepared and dressed if an accident happened but you learn as u go along what not to do and apparently I have to be a bit more careful as I swing the needle tip when done


Agreed. I wear gloves but have dripped on the table and then proceeded in laying my arm right in it. This kinda thing will more than likely happen to all of us at some point. Yes, that’s exactly what I do, CALMLY get up and walk over to the sink and wash it off. The nicotine does have to have time for the skin to absorb it. It’s not instant so yes, be careful, but don’t be so afraid of it you literally cause accidents by your nervousness…


I was that way in the beginning. I put on gloves, a long sleeve shirt, then covered as much of myself as I could with a drop cloth. I looked stupid as hell I am sure. I drew my nic from a bottle with a syringe. That was the scariest part. Trying not to knock over the nicotine while pulling that thick ass fluid into the syringe sucked. Now I use a bottle with a spout cap to dispense. It is way easier.