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Confessions of a Noob and an Epic Fail


Ahhh fuckinell that made me lol

Not the stupidest thing I’ve heard though. My mate quit smoking and started vaping one of those cigarette clone style vapes but keeps flicking them out the window when he’s driving XD Force of habit is a bitch eh lol


I did that before when those cigalikes came out. Worthless pieces of crap anyway :smiley:


I can confirm (from personal experience) that FA @ 10% is muted to nothing but a tad sweetness from VG :open_mouth:
I inadvertently did this the other day, thankfully in 10ml singles, so i can adjust.
But spent a painful day today trying to workout why I had no flavour and my tongue was feeling odd/fuzzy. Didnt click until i was reading something here about not doubling FA recipes and i twigged :confused:
Oh well, lesson learned!!


Just about lost a mouthful of coffee when i read this! That struck me as hilarious! Lmao!