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Confessions of a Noob and an Epic Fail


I’m not afraid at all.
I seem to remember a mere glimpse passing me by that a drop or two had hit my table, but I could be wrong it was that brief.
I do remember shortly afterwards feeling as if one spot was itchy, but never made any connection at the time, did not wash my skin, etc.
12 hours later when I woke up, I had these 2 big red hives underneath my arm where I might have laid my arm down to type., where I think the drops spilled.
I was surprised by the size and then I remembered that fleeting thought of a drop or two maybe hitting my table. I was just surprised that a drop or two could cause two large red bumps. Looks like a hungry mosquito feasted on me but they are hibernating right now lol


Guess it can be a little hard on the skin if left there without washing it off. Luckily it was not much more. [quote=“ShelaghDB, post:61, topic:33526”]
I’m not afraid at all.
That’s good, there’s really little reason to be with just a little caution. Perhaps I should not downplay the danger because getting 100mg in your eyes or mouth somehow just might be a different story. Let’s just try to avoid that, huh…


Live and Learn!


Just to add my two cents. Clean up before and after. The last thing I do is add nic to all my mixes. I mix flavors and pv/vg in one space. Then all the 15/30ml bottles ready for nic sit 10 ft away. When I’m done with that stage I move the scale to the new work area and start dispensing nic. For this area I have clean copy paper on top of the space (so if there is a random drop its on the paper)…add the nic. Seal the nic bottle. Trash the papers, then remove the gloves, put everything away. Lastly, wipe down all the surfaces.


( Super Noob Alert) Curious. So far made 3 different Vanilla Custard recipes highly rated here. Not sure if its me but so far they seem a bit “heavy?”

Only 2-5 days old.
Presently vaping on a retail Vanilla Custard clone I love. Not sure if I am expecting the same as the retail or they haven’t steeped long enough yet but they dont seem light or fluffy? Does this make sense?

Have since learned not advisable to add EM to custards. One recipe suggested for sweetness but was only 1%-so not thinking its the EM. Just curious if this is a normal steeping process or I so far failed LOL


I can’t vape custards for at least a month. All the custard mixes I’ve made have been pretty heavy as well. I typically have them paired with things like cookie or pie crust, though. Not sure how to do a light, fluffy custard. Maybe less custard and more cream or something like meringue?


still heavy a month later though?
(still waiting and seeing as latest one might not be like this, but too soon to tell)


The ones I’ve made, yeah. Its kind of what I like about them though. My custard mixes are my sweeter, more ‘chewy’ mixes, if that makes any sense. LoL. I’ve never had a retail custard though, so I don’t really know what they’re supposed to taste like. I think of custard as more of a dense pudding than something light like a mousse.


Thanks. Your post offers hope they can get better - damn this long steeping time though


Try this…

Strawberry Banana and Vanilla Custard

Ingredient %
Banana (Flavorah) 0.75
Bano (Banana) (FA) 3
Meringue (FA) 1
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2.5
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2.5
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 2

Flavor total: 11.75%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

But lower the custards and strawberry by .5%. Should be light and fluffy.

Or add FLV Milk and Honey. That stuff lightens everything I throw into it. I had some in my dripper. Added my Ole Nutty Cuss, and it was light and fluffy until the Milk and Honey cleared out.


Thanks. Saved. I am missing a few of those (fruits) but about to order tonight and will add those to my growing list.
That looks REALLY good! I am particular to Banana than strawberry but willing to try both.


I did make up one by Lars, 2 days ago, G Vanilla Custardy ll. Instead of tasting it on an RDA, I just put it on my fav atty, Bellus. I know what to expect with it and this one quite palpable after only 2 days. Not heavy. Worth making 250mls and allowing it to steep for a few weeks.
I have vaped VC 99% of the time. I think for me it will be best when I am capable of making one with a few different vanillas etc. But this is definitely one I can deal with now. The Straw/Banana/VC would be an ideal 2nd. I like to have 3 flavours going all the time. Thx. Will review when done!


That’s mine :slight_smile: Glad you like it! It will become much better if you steep it for a month or longer! :wink:

To me, it’s a very strange recipe - it’s nothing special, yet it’s one of the only recipes I’ve vaped continuously, every day for almost two years :stuck_out_tongue: So I guess it is something special to me :smiley: hehe


Sorry. Not familiar with who’s who yet. You aren’t Lars as well?
Oh yes, plan to steep further :slight_smile:


Yes, I am Lars on ELR :smiley:


Thanks. Know you are my first successful e-juice and worthy of the 250ml bottle to start. Likely will be a daily vape + Look forward to it even being better with proper steep time :smiley:


Funny visting that now. A year + later I have never had that reaction again. I was so surprised at it, which was why I mentioned it.
Obviously I must have had something else happen so coincidently tied it into the nic.


I have since our discussions here had 100mg nicotine on my skin. I had no side effects at all. I have however on two occasions put a drop of flavoring on my finger for a taste test, touched my lip and almost immediately felt a burn on my lip. Almost like a cold sore.

Oh yeah, I have another fail story. I was mixing a recipe and was trying so hard to get the flavoring to come out of a bottle of Capella. I squeezed so hard the tip blew off into my flask. After fishing it out I had to make 10 times more of the recipe to get the percentages back on track! Luckily I had some 4oz bottles of the main flavors LOL.


You have amusingly great epic fail stories lol


Yeah some days I feel like a monkey getting it on with a football :rugby_football::monkey: