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Contest: Helping bring Grass Roots’ Vape Idea A Reality (Ended)


Thousands of creative vape ideas are coming into minds at any given moment. Thousands of potential vape projects were missed without credible source support. Now Heaven Gifts introduces DeepinMaker to help bring creative projects to life.

DeepinMaker is the first service platform in E-Cig industry that gives vaper creators proper resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. DeepinMaker here in the community, is not only born for the support, but for the confidence and drive it gives you as a creator, and the public space it provides to showcase something you feel passionately about.

DeepinMaker commits to live grass roots’ creative vape ideas and drive the E-Cig development healthier. Now, we need you, as a member of vape community, to contribute your own strength with us to spread the newly launched DeepinMaker project. To return your favor, we will select 1 lucky friend to get IJOY CAPO 100 KIT.

To enter:

1.How do you think DeepinMaker
2.Have you ever had an idea to create your own device or suggestion for manufacturers? If so, tell us the story; If not, simply reply “DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here
3.Share the newly launched DeepinMaker project on your social media


4.Recommend a vape creator around you if you happen to know him/her
5.Do you have any suggestion for DeepinMaker? If so, please brief write it; If not, simply reply “DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here

1.We use random.org to select 1 winner in Oct 30, 2017.
2.Participants who have good suggestion or recommendation replied here will get an extra prize.
3.Every one has 5 times to enter
4.We need at least 25 participants.


Post #1
Kick off :slight_smile:
I think its a great creative idea, gives a chance for creators who are stuck to a 3D printer for example to step up!


Post #2
The marketing might be a bit scary for someone who has great idea’s and has a creator mind but has no clue about the buiseness that surounds it.


Post #3
Shared on Google+


Post #4
I happen to know pepole that try create theyr mods with 3D printing devices (carbon or Aluminium), Deepinmaker info will be shared :wink:


Post #5
Deepinmaker, your vape idea thrives here
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Post 1 “DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here“

Well I may have ideas. But what is the prize? If I have a “good” idea what is the prize? If I have a great idea then do I get a piece of the action?

I’m all for sharing ideas. But for me providing ideas for free? Hmmmm :money_mouth_face:

  1. I think it sounds like a very community friendly approach.

  1. “DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here9”

  1. No Government Supervised Social Media here.


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  1. It would appear as if this project is indeed community up focused, I think more advertising of it will be required, as well as transparency as to whom is getting what from the project. In detail, I think many would like to be sure that ideas, thoughts, suggestions, products that are brought from the ground up are not simply scooped up by a manufacturer, leaving the grassroots portion of it, back in the grass as it were.

Share it more, be transparent, and it will spread on it’s own, once there is enough of a catalyst IMO.


Post # 1
DeepinMaker sounds like a great thing. And I agree with @SessionDrummer :point_up_2:t2:


Post #2

Ideas? Sure! Good ideas? Um… :neutral_face:



The website has a nice, sleek and simple design. I feel like it needs more information and more clickable links to give the potential creators a chance to really explore and dig into their idea.



Stay honest. Give ample descriptions of device specs as well as the chipset used (or atleast identifying information to help see why said device functions the way it does)
Keep lines of commuincation open. Have an excellent customer service department. When their is a positive or negative experience, treat all with a response p
Of equal importance.


What a neat concept. I wish I had some really great ideas to share but I’m not the creative type. LOL. I know once upon a time there were some people here who were tossing around ideas for the perfect tank. I can’t remember who it was though.



I think it is great project. Some attys develops with closest feedback with end users.
What I know about this: Kayfun, BY-KA, Berserker….



DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here