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Contest: New Year, New Dream, New Surprise, Win with Heaven Gifts--2/22


It is approaching to Chinese Spring Festival. Thousands of Chinese families get together to celebrate it for this big time. It is reunion time! It is harvest time! It is grateful time! Of course, Heaven Gifts have not forgotten you. We here, thank you for being supporting us, share your opinions on products via giveaway; We here, thank you for being supporting us, help us to initiate Heaven Gifts brand awareness; We here, thank you for being supporting us, trust us and became our customers. Ten days, we’d be away but does not mean we are leaving. Hope this giveaway could make you happier for the time we are not here.

To enter:
1.Share your New Year Joy with us
2.Share anything related to dog (Cause in China, it the the year of dog)
3.Pick your favorite gear at Heavengifts.com and paste the link here

1.If we get 100 replies, we give away Joyetech CUBOID PRO with ProCore Aries Kit, 80W WISMEC Reuleaux RXmini Starter Kit - 2100mAh, Golisi O2 2.0A Fast Smart Charger each to winners
2.If we get 150 replies, we give away 2 extra $50 USD gift cards (based on above prizes)
3.If we get 200 replies, we pick 1 more winner who can get the gear he/she pasted here at Heavengifts.com

1.The winners will be pick via random.org on Feb 22, 2018
2.You can enter as much as you want and Number your post, for instance Post 1

-----------------------------Chinese Spring Festival Sales-----------------------------------

Chinese Spring Festival holiday is coming soon. We set a big promotion for you. Just take advantage of it.

For Retail Customers

Time: 11am Jan. 24 - 11am Feb. 24, 2018 (GMT+8)
Sales: Get 30% off for all items except New Year Sales/Premium e-Juice
Code: AHG30

Current Giveaways Links
  1. Wish you luck in the Year of the Dog.




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Happy year of the Dog - will it be like 7 years?


My best buddy chillin with his horse buddy



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Happy @Mew Year to you! no harm sneaking a tag in…


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looks like we need a lot of peps in this giveaway so don’t be shy and show us your pooches!
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Lexie Lou–rip my sweet dog :heart: post #1


#1 I wish you peace and happiness in your New Year!