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Convention in Tulsa OK


Is anyone going to this? Just heard about it myself and wasn’t sure what category I should have asked this question at.


I wish I could, looks like the air fare alone would cost me around 600$ thou …so uh No I won’t be getting to go especially heading into the holiday season. errr


I’m going to the Tampa one. I’m 45 minutes away. Go to that one. Lol


I am in Bellingham, Washington for now. Home is Fl. but we’re living here now. Of course I move and then Fl. starts having vape conventions :frowning: Let me know how it goes @JohnZena maybe take some pictures if you get time!


The Tampa Convention is supposed to be mid March 2016. I’ll take alot of pics to post.


I am sure if you look hard enough you can find one there. I mean, it is the Grunge capital of the world. Surely there are tons of vapers there!


It has changed more into a tech mech world out here and less grunge. More hipsters , yuppies are out here now. I did check around and there use to be a vape fest in the Seattle area yearly but it hasn’t been updated in a while.


Bummer. Ok, lets start a new one! Vapestock! We will have all kinds of good juice at that one :wink:


Seriously we have all talked about we need a vapestock, Like getting all these vendors together !