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Converting a recipe's pg/vg ratio - rule of thumb for flavour %?


Thanks to @fidalgo_vapes I would also consider any acids that may be in a recipe too. As you are changing alkalinity any acids will need to be tweaked afterwards as well.


@volition - purely by coincidence I tried your 1.7 per 10 rule with Mustard Milk this afternoon. It was spot on - big thanks to you. (I purposely use some old nic. as I love pepper with strawberries. Worked well.)


Good one. Can I ask what VG/PG ratio you ended up converting to.


My vape preference is identical to yours. When I started DIY I also asked this question and having now been mixing since March I realize the doctoring of percentages of a max VG recipe into a 60/40 mix is of little importance and when needed depends on the specific flavors. So far the only flavors I have experienced a true need to turn down are creams and custards, vanillas… and I still haven’t mastered it by any means so I don’t currently vape creams or custards. Outside from that for the most part I mix recipes just as they are written, only changing the PG/VG and nic to my preference.


Hello Volition thank you very much for the advice . Can you tell me how you came at o.17 ? And which sweetner brand you recomend ? Thanks in advace . Sorry to bother you again . I just started mixing and love to use some easy recipes that I can vape all day .


Sure, I made a batch of;

I made that by word it’s a 20/80 - I then made bust a nut at 50/50. 4 lots, 25% reduction, 20%, 15%, 10%. In total flavour. Etc. I tasted that 2 weeks later. Directly next to the original. I found it was somewhere between 25 & 20. Made a batch of 22.5% reduction. It was spot on.

So I just plotted that, speculated it is linear. The steepness being 0.17

Then I confirmed that figure by making a banana cream recipe I make at various ratios. And it all seemed close enough.

Sweeteners, I bought erythritol, sucralose & ethyl maltol in powder form of the internet and made my own solutions. You can get super sweet cap, sweetener FW and various others.

At the moment I’m still experimenting with sweeteners. I am a sweet tooth so I like them. I make my recipes half with sucralose and the other with erythritol. I’ve found I need 2.5x erythritol to get to the same in sucralose.

If you do get powder sweeteners rather then flavours there is instructions around on the best way to dissolve and what base to use. Or just give me a message I can describe it for you.

Btw bust a nut is a fantastic adv for a lot of people. I’d recommend giving it a try if you have not already.


Original recipe: 30pg/70vg Flavour 14%
I made 60pg/40vg Flavour 9%
3 * 1.7 = 4.2
14 - 4.2 = 9.8 (I rounded down to 9 but 10 would’ve been better I suspect)

FYI: I’m just trying the same with Sinnamon Cookie Kustard.
Original recipe: 18pg/82vg Flavour 15.5%
I made 60pg/40vg.Flavour 9%
4 * 1.7 = 6.8
15.5 - 6.8 = 8.7% (I rounded up to 9%)

BUT - I’ve come a bit of a cropper! It’s only steeped a couple of days (Ken O’Where advises 2 weeks) but it’s too dry. Very vapeable flavourwise, delicious in fact, but needs something (I know not what - it’s certainly sweet enough for me) to stop the dryness at the end. I’ll try it again next week and just up the percentage a bit if necessary.


I can’t find the “change flavour total” when i click the blue spanner the second time, what am I doing wrong.
The original recipe that i got had 50/50 PG/Vg mix with 26% flavoring in total. I wish to convert it 30/70 PG/VG ratio. If I have gathered it correctly then by using 0.17 method of calculation I should change my flavor total to 29.4%? (20x0.17=3.4) Right?
(More pg, less flavour ; less pg, more flavour?)


Yes, less PG increase flavour. That flavouring total looks kind of high, but different brands use different strengths.

Your calculations are correct.

Yep, click "adapt this " then you must save it first. Without saving it won’t give you the “adjust flavour total”.


Flavor percentage is kind of high but that’s one one of the most popular recipes here at ELR so trying it out.
Anyways thanks a lot mate! Your posts are valuable!


Calculateur de Bases et d’Arômes, pour créer vos recettes.


This is all very helpful @Volition.
I am just starting out diy and using 50/50 with FA at 6-12% nic.
I am currently doing ST’s and my flavours are there but not popping.
I have done a couple of simple mixes also, same deal.
I have just increased some flavs by 25% or less but reading that the ph of PG is alkaline therefore a little bitter, i am thinking that some sweetener may be in order…
I am also using a pen 1.1ohm and a sweet tooth.
I am glad i found this, thankyou :slight_smile:


i never expect my SF to pop , i only use it to get a feel for what the flavor is and how it can be used , very rarely do i find something that doesnt need help . Dont expect tok much from a SF or you will be let down more often than not

Single flavor testing

Thanks @fidalgo_vapes !
That is good to know.
I have just starting mixing a couple of my ST’s with each other and other small mixes and am getting a better result!
FA Lemon Sicily and Berryl (Raspberry) are my faves as of yesterday arvo, lol :laughing:


a smart way to learn how to pair your flaves , have fun …


Thankyou :blush: