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Could you inhale wrong?


Aside from preference… It could also be a cultural thing. :wink: As back in my younger days, most of the folks I hung out with, did as Alisa described it. Straight to the lungs. Lol


You can get around most dns blocks that governments impose by using google translate and putting in the url not sure how it is blocked in Indonesia but i dare say google isnt blocked.

Try this link


This link works. Thank you @woftam so through google translate then? I never knew that.


@delltrapp Or you can use torbrowser and be a lot safer surfing the web as well: https://www.torproject.org/
It’s basically a pre-configured version of firefox to use the anonymous tor network (aka “the dark web”). There’s nothing illegal about it by the way, it was developed by governments and they use it as well.

It’s not recommended for video streaming, it’s a little bit slower than your regular browser, but you don’t have to deal with dns blocks and your privacy is much better maintained.


@Suomynona i tried tor just now in my office computer, the it guy got very angry at me, demand me to uninstall it… I’ll install it in my home computer later. But it did work though. Thank you.


I can understand why the IT guy gets upset at work (he can’t monitor what you’re doing and if you’re doing illegal stuff, he’s responsible). Some work environments are a little more friendly towards such freedoms as others but yeah, give it a go at home.


I found there’s no right or wrong way


I agree with the rest of the crew if it’s satisfying to you vape as you choose hopefully you’ll be able to stop smoking soon regardless how you vape. I inhale hold it in my mouth then inhale it into my lungs and then I exhale standard MTL vaping even if you give me a higher powered set up I’d be trying to do it still, I have choosen to continue w/ MTL because it is the most pleasing for me. DLH - direct lung hits where ppl inhale sharply then exhale rapidly doesn’t work for me. I wish you the best of luck !


Thank you. I’m glad that most people here think so.


I suppose there is a wrong way to inhale, if you try hard enough.



But…if it makes her left nostril happy, and it’s not hurting anyone else, then it’s not wrong. Right? :slight_smile:

Personally that hurts me to look at :laughing:


Actually … hehe :slight_smile: I just tried this. Besides getting a pretty hot nostril, it doesn’t hurt.
I remember having done this in my younger years with cigarettes, that’s definitely not to be repeated but this is not bad at all :slight_smile:


Now quick, stick that back in your mouth and vape on. This is a PG rated version of ATM



Nope… no way to rationalize this one. LOL

Maybe she just doesn’t have the top fill concept figured out yet.


or she’s just retarded inbreeding maybe


Tried it aswell and to me it was a little bit stingy. On the upside I’m guessing everything will smell like lemon/strawberry for the rest of the day.


What’s wrong with that?! Its just cutting out the middle man from a French inhale! :triumph: :laughing:


I wonder if her brother-uncle showed her how to do that.


Just do it however you want… :confused:


So… Extrapolating here…

“French inhale” = Pugs’ ‘interpretation’ of Asvape? :laughing: