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Could you inhale wrong?


I don’t even know how to respond to that! I know there’s a “talking out your ass” joke to be made here… But it’s not coming to me. Lmao
(French inhale is blowing smoke or vapor from your mouth and then inhaling it through your nose… Not sure I want to even think about a Pugs Asvape version of that… :dizzy_face: )


Whatever flops your mop lol…


Actually @Suomynona is both correct and incorrect. It all depends on the situation and the person. With a bong/hooka it is mtl most if not all the time. With pipes it depends on the pipe but, mostly it is mtl. With a joint it depends on the joint and or how far down you are to the roach. Of course now we can even vape our weed so again it can be both styles. My guess is that Suomynona never puffed on a roach because if they did mtl they would have burnt their lips. At least this is what I have experienced in my decades of poking smot. Like vaping it is all up to the user and how they want to do it.


Yeah, location, time and cultural behavior probably has something to do with it as well as someone pointed out. We smoked just old school joints with a mix of tobacco and herb.


@delltrapp A little late to the party here, but as usual, @TheTinMan1 is stealing my thoughts …


@d_fabes Nice…


@Suomynona TOR For The Win !!!



I personally DTL with weed as do most of my contemporaries, but I can also MTL if the occasion requires.