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Couple Of New Flavourart Flavours Being Released In The UK On 21st October 2017


Flavourart releasing a few new flavours on the 21st in the UK (not sure about worldwide)? says in the email

Juicy Strawberry (Which I know has been discussed on here already)

Not sure about these?

Breakfast Cereal

Xtra Mint

Vanilla Custard Premium (it says this one contains Diacetyl so will only be available in the Kitchen range)

Says more to come soon as well.


WHOOOOOOOOOOP!!! :grin::yum:


Lol. I know @fidalgo_vapes will be bathing himself in that and whipped cream fa.


I’m thinking something along the lines of…
FA Vanilla custard premium
FA Whipped cream
FA Butter
…might be pretty tasty :wink:
rainb rainb rainb rainb rainb


this is great , inwonder if it will be on their website or the FAUK website because i want to order the FA croissant ( spelled wrong ) i do love the cream whipped and buy from ECX 120ml at a time however if the VCP is available id like to order

cream whipped
breakfast cereal
bread crust

all direct from mgfr


Total derail: you guys don’t waste any time in adopting new stuff, eh? I JUST added the tada and star struck emojis to the set of reactions. The star struck was only there for like two minutes!! LoL. Guessing you guys like it and I should put it back… :thinking:


I got very excited at the new emojis :grin::blush:


This is what comes to mind…

Which of course begs the following response



am i the one on the left or right hmmmm


have you tried the FA butter yet? not a lot of notes on it.

was hoping for a bit of info. perhaps % for single and recipe




Yes! I will actually go write notes for it right now. :wink:

Edit: here are my notes, they’re also in the calculator now.

I get a really strong real butter flavor bordering on microwave/theater popcorn butter. This flavor has both butyric acid and diacetyl. The BA is very nicely balanced, not pukey at all (and I’m very sensitive to it). Since real butter has BA in it, it’s necessary for that authenticity. My typical usage is .2-.7% and the higher you go the more it gets pushed into that artificial territory. For bakeries where you want a slight buttery note .2-.5% works great. For profiles where you want the butter to really stand out, .5-1% is a good range. It mellows as it steeps and blends well into mixes after about a week.
This is in my opinion a MUST HAVE FLAVOR for every diacetyl fan.


great notes


Thank you for the update (and guidelines)! Very useful, and much appreciated! :thumbsup:



Not a problem guys. I really do love this flavor. Its amazing. I wish I could afford to buy a gallon of it and send samples out to everyone who wants to try it!


Drooled on myself, thanks for that😜


where are you getting the FA VCP, if only available in the UK im gonna order a 120ml if possible gonna give it a couple weeks first to see if it becomes available here


I think she’s just speculating and waiting to see if it becomes available here like we all r🤞🏻


i thought it was a posted recipe , im slow today veeeerrrrrrry slow


Yep, what @ADKmac said! Haven’t gotten my hands on any yet.


ive searched Flavour.uk and it says no results have you looked it up