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Critique my Newby First Order. PART TWO


Great point, never thought about flavor fatigue. I’m going to add a few more… a lemon, a blueberry, a cookie and ? Ha ha, yes, I just stuck my head in the rabbit hole… long way to go! Thx.


its all good , i dont always read everyones post or i just skim through real quick , i didnt notice a graham flave until you mentioned it and see you have TPA cheescake with graham crust , this isnt exactly a graham cracker flavor so i would suggest grabbing TPA GC clear or FW GC or Cap GC v1


I think I’ll go ahead and thank you right now! I was looking for a blueberry, but didn’t know what to pick. I’ll take your advice on those two! Thx!


FW blueberry is soooo good highly recommend this , you wint need to mix another to make it work like you have to with the TPA BB extra and wild


careful with this you might be one that gets the pepper taste ( which i am ) so instead grab the Liquid barn Vanilla ice cream you wint regret it


Might want to start DIY’g by following:

  1. Try to choose several published recipe mixes which you might think you would like.
  2. Buy only those flavors you need for those recipes.
  3. Test each flavor as a standalone or single flavor mix and keep notes on them.
  4. Play/Adjust with those recipes with %'s/flavors (may need to buy additional flavors) until you perfect/get the most out of them. Make full use of ELR’s reviews of each flavor before you buy. Some flavors are lower rated than others while both flavors are approx. the same cost.
    re: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors
  5. Buy the higher costs flavors if the lower cost flavors don’t work for you.


i would also suggest either Cap or FW sweet cream over TPA you wont get the BA smell or taste with either of them


That’s how I started out, using the Highly Rated 2 and 3 Flavor recipes that seemed close to Unicorn Milk. I’m being encouraged to expand from there, so am adding a few more flavors. Great advice, thank you!


Done deal, great tip. Thx!


This is where I get my bottles.

And these are the ones I use exclusively.

Total for 200 bottles shipped is about $32.00


I’m on it! Need more bottles. Thx!


I think we’re gonna bankrupt @Perry_Mason if we keep going lol! JK! Have fun!!


I am after 1 year of mixing, I have 250 flavors, and I always lack flavors for the recipe I want to taste … :sweat_smile:


I have not purchased store bought ejuice in so long I can’t remember. Once you get started mixing. You will save a ton. Well, at least after you get set up.:wink:


Feel ya. Almost one year here. Just pushed my stash over 200 and yes I seem to be missing a flavor a lot of the time.


I’m not trying to hijack the thread, but I’m in the same boat. About to pull the trigger on my first flavors order, but would also like a little input. I’ve already got all my basics, like a scale, 30ml bottles, gallon of VG, quart of PG, 100mg nicotine, pipettes, and whatever else I think I might need. However, I think I’m like most newbies, it’s the flavors that we find a bit intimidating. I’ve been vaping for more than six years, and have always vaped tobacco flavors, but have recently discovered I really like some of the bakery goods. Right now I’m vaping a mix of 50% tobacco flavor and 50% carrot cake, and it’s awesome. My wife wants a candy apple, for which I can’t find a single recipe, but figured I might be able to create one with the fuji apple, cotton candy and cherry. Maybe? Anyway, I’d love some feedback on my shopping cart. I see everyone says pick up some fruits, and most people tend to also like the cream and custard type stuff, which I absolutely love custard pretty much any way you can serve it. So please let me know what you think. If it’s not appropriate to post this here, please let me know and delete it. However, I figured whatever info I might get, might be useful to Perry as well. Thanks in advance.
Shopping Cart:
Fuji-FA 30ml
Ripe Strawberry-TFA 30ml
Vanilla Custard-Cap 30ml
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)-TFA 30ml
Sweet Strawberry-Cap 30ml
DX Bavarian Cream-TFA 4oz
Graham Cracker V2-Cap 13ml
Nonna’s Cake-FA 10ml
Peach-RF 10ml
Raspberry-Cap 13ml
NY Cheesecake V2-Cap 13ml
Yellow Cake-FW 10ml
Caramel-Cap 13ml
Cotton Candy-TFA 10ml
Cherry-FA 10ml
Carrot Cake-RF 10ml
Cowboy Blend-FA 10ml
Virginia-FA 10ml
Burley-FA 10ml


@RyanLamp have you researched diktones in the forum and made a decision to not use flavours with diketones?

If the answer is yes than cap Vanilla custard has diktones.

If the answer is I don’t care about diketones then

Bavarian Cream-TFA is much tastier than DX Bavarian Cream-TFA
Graham Cracker V1 is much tastier than Graham Cracker V2
NY Cheesecake V1 is much tastier than NY Cheesecake V2

There may be others that have triangles but those are just the ones off the top of my head

Yellow Cake-FW may have corn syrup in it and may not be the healthiest to vape Yellow cake JF is very similar with none of the nasties

If you have not looked into it at all is is possibly something you may want to research


I suggest that you start with 10 ml bottles first. I got a lot of fruit flavours when I started out because everybody was raving about how good they were and then it turned out that I don’t like vaping fruit at all.
I only wished I had started with smaller amounts, it would have saved me a lot of money.
Nobody told me to get tobacco flavours though and it turns out that I like them the most :rofl:
Find out what you like and then go out on a shopping spree to buy lots of the stuff you like.


I would add:

FW Salted Caramel
INW Strawberry Shisha
FA Forest Fruit
TPA Marshmallow
TPA Dragonfruit
FA Zeppola
and either TPA Sweetener or CAP Super Sweet


Hey @Perry_Mason I think for your first order that looks pretty good! More bottles for sure, and you might want to think about a few accent flavors like caramel, nut, butterscotch, etc (if those things tickle your fancy). But as it stands I see plenty of possibilities for some nice mixes. A little ry4 custard maybe, a sb cheesecake, some simple vanilla ice cream, obviously you’ll be trying some UM type mixes, so yeah good start! If you want to add just one more fruit I’d suggest lemon.
Also NR nic is great, that’s what I use. :smile: