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Critique my Newby First Order. PART TWO


Yeah, I’ve been switching over to the diketones because everyone says they taste much better. I don’t want to live for ever anyway. To be honest, the only fruit I’ve really fallen in love with so far is the blueberry. Already a little burnt out on strawberry, which every other recipe seems to include. For the most part, I’ve been on a keto diet for six months now, and really miss my bakery deserts, so this is kind of my replacement. I’ll just have to make sure and include in my order what I’m missing from your recipe. Thanks a bunch for your help. If it’s not too much trouble, when my next order is delivered, I want to try and come up with a Werther’s Butterscotch Candy recipe, so if you wouldn’t mind, once I start tinkering, I might as you to look it over for me. Are you familiar with Werther’s? They are so addictive, and very popular here in the U.S. so I’m pretty surprised I can’t find where anyone has tried to make a vape recipe based on them.


Hey! Me too! Since cyber Monday 2016 when I weighed myself after thanksgiving weekend… :flushed: :joy: Keto along with vaping all of my desserts got me down to my goal weight, so I totally feel ya on the importance of finding a good replacement for those baked goods. :wink:

Sure! That sounds right up my alley, we’ll have to collaborate on a recipe!


That’s awesome! So far I’ve lost 40 pounds, but have another 30 to go to hit my goal. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it! This is the first diet I’ve ever found that actually works without making me feel like I’ve given up everything I love. So many great alternatives on keto, and who doesn’t love bacon, right? Yeah, I look forward to trying to get a good Werther’s recipe together. We might actually come up with something that hasn’t been done twenty different ways already.


I lost 70 on keto in a year. Yeah, it really is a great feeling!

Oooh yes. And butterrrr:heart_eyes: :laughing:

Me too! I have a couple more butterscotches in my cart right now, we’ll totally come up with something awesome!


Okay, I just placed orders from two vendors, just so I’d have everything to make your Buttered Naughty Girl as you wrote it. I blame you entirely!


I’ll take the blame! :joy:


Looking forward to it. To be honest, I can’t imagine it would be too hard to get close to the Werther’s taste with a few key flavors.