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Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial


Excellent price


Do you know where Oldtownvape is located?


104 E Jackson Blvd

Suite 5

Jonesborough, TN. 37659


Phone: 4237418004


Thank you Pro_Vapes


I think they’re in TN. But shipping (to me at least, one state under) is $7.85 making it only 0.18 cheaper than Alluring Vapors. Not sure how trustworthy the place is. Looks like they may have just opened. If you go that route, I suggest you use a prepaid card or a credit card with fraud protection just to be on the safe side.

EDIT: PV Beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wondering. Got my new Crown this AM.


I’ve not seen the RBA deck in any retailers in the EU damn shame it looks like it has some serious potential!


I think VapeDon and ZD-vapes has the RBA-deck - ZD-vapes is out of stock though - I’ve tweeted VapeDon…


excellent! if im honest that was the main thing holding me off picking one up!


I waited :slight_smile: my hope is to buy 3 total.
All for titanium T.C. so I can switch between 3 favorite flavors.
. That’s the goal 3 ipv’s & 3 crown tanks with rba section.
Oh & 12 , 18650’s Muahahaha…hooked up at that point


I’ve opened my juice holes kept getting dry hits!!!


so far so good… I might open them a little more just to be sure


When my IPV3 Li and Snow Wolf arrive today I will have 9 TC mods. I know it’s overkill but we are facing an uncertain market in the future and I don’t want to have any regrets.


Got any pictures maaaaan?


I agree with that. Nice Job on the tutorial !!! I don’t know how I missed this thread but somehow I did. Would have been nice to see it BEFORE I built mine. I did OK, not complaining. Must be easy if I had no trouble…lol



I just got my RBA for the crown tank set up, I used the stock coil that was in it. I think I should of cut the cotton a little shorter because I had trouble getting the cap on. So far no leaks, and it hits and taste good. I’m running it at 22.7w not sure how high I can go with it.

Any suggestions on what watts to run it at?
Thanks for the tutorial it helped me alot!!!


eye opened the juice channels already with a ti rebuild so I can’t help much with this except I did what I did for the same reason you’re going through???


I think mine is doing fine as far as I can tell. Don’t know any thing about using an RBA just watched pro_vapes tutorial and it worked great. Next time I’ll trim the cotton a little more so the cap go’s on easier. Turned up the watts to 32 and took two 2 sec draws with no dry hits.
Flavor is amazing and the clouds are pretty good too.


Can anyone tell me why the crown tank works on my 50w Istick with the RBA but it says low atty on my 30w Istick? Resistance is 0.3ohms should work on both.


iStick 30W is for 0.4ohm and up :smile: