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Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial


I thought it would do 0.2 and up.


Nope: Rated resistance range: 0.4Ω-5Ω
Source: http://www.eleafworld.com/product/detail.php/istick-30w.html :smile:


Ok thank you very much!!

Some web site’s tell all kinds of shit to get you to buy.


You may also want to check out Alluring Vapor: http://www.alluringvapors.com/collections/sub-ohm-tanks/products/uwell-crown-sub-ohm-tank They have the RBA at a good price too.


Titanium Wire... Prep and Use

subtanksupply.com is way better to deal with!!!


My only gripe is the o ring above the threads that seats the rba to the air flow control is to damn thin & leaks.
Any ideas I’ve emailed Uwell & never got a response.

I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll sacrifice a factory coil and trim it’s insulator & see if I could use it as a better o ring to prevent leaking when top filling.

Anyone built a vertical coils on the rba yet?

Or rebuilt a factory coil?


Anyone tried a vertical titanium coil rebuild?

Also has Anyone rebuilt a factory coil head yet?

I did get a response from Uwell service department reguarding leaking from insufficient o ring on the rba section & they said:

Turn off airflow when filling and use more wicking.
They where nice in staying this information but that’s the nitty gritty.
Obviously I’ve been doing all that so it didn’t help me.

I should just be happy that it’s LEAP & BOUNDS over the Kanger tanks & others I’ve tried.


Hi, we are new to the vaping world but we have been in business for 17 years and very trust worthy and we are for great customer service and awesome products at a great price.


I don’t know, I’ve had no leaking at all.


The RBA Doesn’t come with it.


it’s extra…


Ya but ours come with it


Who sells one that has rba included?
My next coil build I’m going to use wicking excessively


Hi We do at Ole Town Vape.


Hmmmm, sounds like me. I wick the tank, the mod, and under my nose as well…

No, this is not actually me…

This is me…


Just out of curiosity @Brent1, what business have you been running for 17 years, not a vaping business was it?


Hi @CallMeTut, we make candle and wax melts and do a lot of fundraisers for schools, churches and other organizations.
Then we sell candle and soap making supplies.
Kimberlie’s Kandles
Tennessee Candle Soap Supplies


I’m still having a terrible time getting the rba either not to leak or not to dry hit, if/when I do have it running right it will work good for about 1/3 of a tank then again start either dry hitting or leaking, basically I don’t trust it outside my house. I do not have these issues with the factory built coils, and haven’t put the tank down since I purchased it. But the rba is like a rubics cube to me, I just can’t figure this silly thing out…


Try boring the wicking slots and use more cotton. You’re having wicking issues that’s not going to fix itself. They didn’t make those slots big enough. You will need fluffy tails to stop the leaking. A bigger ID will allow for more cotton will fix the leaks.

@quitter1 boring technique…