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Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial


I agree larger slots are needed & leaking is an issue if you’re to skimpy with the cotton.
I’ll be reaming the air slot out on mine aswell.
For me 3 mm I.d. coil has let me useore cotton but there will be a lil leaking if top filling.
IME, not much but a little, so I bottom fill it , I really hate getting eliquid all over my frigging hands.

I’ve got a set of needle file’s & hoping I can wedge one in there.


Thanks for reposting your wicking method, I’ll keep working on it lol…


I used a needle file on my drill…


A little off topic but does anyone else experience the stock coils jumping ohms. I just assume it’s something ss does?


So I have built the vertical coil for the tba section, it was quite tough to day the least, you have to get the wire just right so that it’s not hitting the deck, also had to be perfectly centered for effective wicking, (1 hour process for me the first time) and once you figure that out it’s time to wick! Witch wicking I took two seperate pieces of cotton and strung them on the sides in between the posts and coil.


Can you show us how this was wicked?


Hopefully not like this. :joy::joy::joy:


Well I’ve already wicked it and it’s working perfectly… Finally. I’ve been vaping it for about 4 hours and I’ve only had one slight dry hit, but the cotton I used was all the fluffy stuff in between the skins, so I essentially had two little flat fluffy squares. I began twisting at one of the corners of the squares as opposed to twisting the entire end together, also I forgot to mention before you put the cotton in, pulse the heat so you can more accurately position your coil in the center with the screwdriver. But when the cotton needs to be switched out I’ll take pics of my method, I feel like I got lucky though. It was literally the third time I’ve wicked it. The reason I made the vert coil because I wanted more airflow and it worked out nicely for me. I will post more when I learn more.


Additionally, I am using a 70/30 vg/pg, the Max vg wouldn’t wick fast enough, I will continue updating, and I may just do a video on how to do it sometime tomorrow or the sunday.


Update please! I really would like to see this.


please post on how that might work out. I have the some proplem with the cown RBA dect. leaks when top fill. , S wape, bunny ears stuffing.


What’s crackin strangers!

Well would you believe that after all these years, I finally broke my rebuild hymen and bought the RBAs for all my crown tanks.
Seeing as I’m currently not working, I have time to finally build. (Not to mention save $ because I am tapped)
I have struggled with this RBA for a couple days with dry/burnt hit after hit. I drilled out my holes some and that seemed to do the trick!

Currently I am using the SS coils that the RBA came with and they seem to come in around .26. I’ll be honest, so far I am getting WAY more flavor/production out of the .25 stock coils, than I am the RBA. The RBA isn’t horrible, it’s just not what I am used to at all. I am used to vaping on the .25 stocks at 50-65w, but for the .26 RBA, I can’t go over 30 or it fries immediately? This confuses me.

So on to my question…
I am looking to buy some SS for this RBA and seeing as I am a newbie, I’m not sure what the best choice is? My gut is telling me to go with 26g but then I ran into some Clapton wire and a few others that just confused me even more. Can anyone suggest a proper gauge for me that would keep me in the range that I am used to? Eventually, when I have cash flow again, I will buy a better tank to build on and possibly entirely different wire, but for now I am limited to only the crown’s RBA (Which isn’t a bad build to learn on)

Thanks for any help and forgive my ignorance :wink:


26 is a good all round choice, Great place to start.

I assume you know what Clapton wire is, in regards to using it. Personally I prefer it to plain wire, I think it is more effective at both clouds and flavour.

I’d recommend you get both and try them out. That’s the beauty of an RBA you can dial in your builds. What suits you will require some experimentation. You may not even notice the difference. Who’s to say.

So in summary get some 26, and maybe a Clapton wire too. If your adventurous buy some other sizes around that too. Experiment with parallel coils perhaps, twisted coils. All on YouTube and google.

Btw building your own Clapton can be rewarding and following that rabbit hole of building your own wires.

You will end up finding builds that work for you. And yes wicking is the finest art in vaping.

Here is a calculator to help work out your builds


Cheers, thank you. I have had steam for a while and back in my dripping days, although short, I messed around a bit with it. I do know what clapton is, I just don’t know what will “work” for this specific RBA because it seems limited, but that could just be my ignorance.
I have $10 credit with free shipping with Amazon, so I am going to use it for some wire (I rarely shop amazon, so I’m good with that)

What do you think of this Clapton for the crown?


Otherwise I was looking at

I just want to get the most production possible from this particular RBA, while keeping in mind I am a newbie to the RBA game.

Thanks mate :wink:


Also, as much as I respect the art of building and these insane wraps, I really need to keep it simple. Once I start working again, I’ll be back to 120 hour weeks and no time to build. Simple yet effective is what I need lol


Glad i can help, seem to be heading somewhere. Huh.

Ok I don’t like that clapton wire for you. I’m not a fan of wraps that big. The 28awg wrap is to big a wire to wrap, will take too long to heat up and cool down. Look for claptons with wrapping around 32awg and upwards for gauge size (yes smaller wire). Something like a 28/32, 28/34, especially if in stainless steel.The smaller the wrap size the better up to a point for the exercise.

Yes, it’s great you can just buy premade wire now. I think UD or geekvape make all different types of wires. Fused claptons, etc, etc, so you can definitely look at them to experiment with too going forward.

A 26 awg SS roll and a different clapton roll wil be great for you and not take up too much time, you just got to wrap the coil. I remind you to burn off the coils before wicking and using. enjoy it sort of fun in a weird way.


And they tend to have wrap that is 32awg at the most.

@DarthVapor since you live in the US you could check these guys out since they do all kinds of wire in SS.


Yeah I was wondering about the size of the clapton there. I think I will start simple with a plain 24 or 26 gauge wire and experiment with the others later. Now to decide between 24 or 26 haha. I can only make 1 purchase right now, that’s the main reason for these questions. If I was back to normal, I would just buy them all and then figure out what I like the best… sadly, I don’t have that luxury :frowning:
I can only find 26g/30g and 32/40 on Amazon for Clapton anyways. Thanks again @Volition

Thanks @Fenrir1 but I’m not sure where the confusion came in, I’m not looking to buy a premade coil, just wire. I can only order 1 spool from Amazon right now and I want to make it count! Shitty times…again :rage:


If you are going for SS get the 26.