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CROWN SUBTANK unfrigging real


fkn funny!!!


We needed a group buy for this tank :slight_smile: or commission for sales…lol
It’s a great tank man


holy crap is this how my juice is supposed to taste!!! just like the thread says UNFRIGGIN REAL… can’t wait for the ti wire!!! it gets even better?

every thing about this is top notch the threading the airflow the REAL DEAL! I need to thank @Pro_vapes on this he found it and talked about a while ago… so thanks bud!


Okay… question on this tank…I just got mine and ripped the packaging apart. FOund out they sent me all .25 ohm atties and half shrugged because I was going to use the rba anyway. I wicked the rba up and put it in and watched as the wicking drank up all my juice and poured out the air holes acckkkk… reset the wicking after cleaning up the mess and re-filled the tank and again, juice pouring right thru the rba into the airflow chamber! Am I missing something here or should I be stuffing a ton of wick into that rba to really plug those holes up?


I just finally got my new mod in and took this baby up to 120watts and WOW!! HUGE clouds, no spit back and SUPERB flavor!! My crown just got even better!!!



block the holes!!!


easy peasy???


I had mine 200w on the Snow Wolf. 2 second pulls… but crazy flavor.


Nice! Was that on your rebuild? I just took my 2nd puff right after the first and I just experienced my first dry wick so I wont be using the stock coils this high again haha


Stock Coils.


Oh I just saw your 2 second pulls comment…thinking that was my issue, I was drawing 8-10 sec pulls :slight_smile:


At 200w it get hot quick. I just wanted to try it. Sometimes you just go pedal to the medal.


I bet! It was pretty warm at 120 so I can only imagine!


I had looked at your tutorial when it had first came out… just re-looked at it, built a quick coil and re-wicked… it held for about 10 pulls then flood city again, I’ll get this figured out but I’ve lost close to 2 full tanks already… grrrrr

Okay desperation mode clicked in, to make sure I’m plugging those holes, I pulled the cotton thru the chimney slots prior to setting it on the deck then trimmed it about a quarter inch outside the chimney after placing the chimney on and playing with the wick on the inside… then gently pushed the wick in basically like rebuilding a subtank atty,


CallMeTut If you ordered it from AlluringVapor like I did, mine came the same way. I contacted them and they said they will send me the 0.5 coils, when the get there shipment in.


I just tossed them an email… thx @Cloyce


Your Welcome I hope there telling me the truth, because I want the .5,s


With the rba I’ve had a couple wicking issues aswell but it’s an adjustment thing, I always use less and never to much, I’m looking for a happy medium atm aswell.
It works great and is made well but I gotta try more cotton in that thing :slight_smile:


I use extra cotton myself hoping it will hold more juice. My temp protect kicked in a couple time because it wasn’t wicking fast enough. If this continue I will open my slots more so it will wick faster.