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Custard Lover ( I think I will marry it )


Never heard of that before. Will need to give that a go. I did get one tonight though when I stopped at the vape shop. Drip Wich. They call it a waffle and ice cream sandwich with strawberry syrup. I call it…damn, I’ve tasted this somewhere before! Oh yeah, it tastes a lot like Ethos Crispy Treats - Strawberry. Not that it’s a bad thing, only there’s a striking similarity. But the Drip Wich is better. Only thing is they had just 6mg so I’m choking on it a little :slight_smile:

So that’s where the vanilla is! Dammit man, they were out when I was ordering. Oh well, still got a little left. Amazing how so many of my other vanilla and cream flavors sit since I’ve got onto MF Vanilla.


I found one of the people discussing haze. See good deal thread for a Haze deal @Whiterose0818


I have done the same in glass bottles works good
But most of my custard 4 weeks min


So I have been reading up on Custards a bit… I’m not new to mixing per say but I am just now back into flavor mixing… my one try at a custard was a horrible failure… I think I want to give it another try. I have never had a store bought custard or even a DIY custard so this is completely new territory for me… I am in the flavor testing stage of things trying to do single flavor mixes to get a good base line on flavors and how they taste SA (for the last 2 months now) some are good by themselves and working on a few ADV to get me by while I experiment with some of these long steep recipes. So what is the recomendadtion for getting into custards? I have a little bit of TFA custard left that is over a year old (started flavor mixing then got fed up and frustrated so only vaped my base for like 10 months and now back on the flavor wagon) I also have some CAP v2 custard that I just recently purchased… most of my flavors are in my public stash… do I mix these as a stand alone stick them in the cabinet and forget about them for a month?? I know this is a long hard journey I am embarking on but I want to do it right even if I’m not that patient lol


If your doing single flavour tests then yep, I’d bung em in a cupboard and forget about them for at least a month, they will go a beautiful deep amber colour. But also, it may be worth trying as a snv and at regular intervals just to see how the flavour changes :blush:


Thanks Lolly, I believe I read someplace a while back ago (Probably on ECF because that was my main source when I first started vaping) that the color doesn’t change much in a glass bottle? I primarily use plastic right now but I purchased some glass bottles just for long steep recipes and maybe one day I will convert fully to glass lol but my scale only takes 500g and plastic is lighter so for the big batches I have to make multiples and pour…


Absolutely not the case. You may be remembering wrong, misunderstood, or were simply misinformed. Regardless, color will change the same in either container method (all dependant upon length of time).

The primary reason for using glass (for most) is usually: preventing flavor leeching (the majority), or the convenience of the glass dropper.

Can’t help with the 500 gram scale limit… But as for the pouring aspect, there are miniature stainless steel funnels out there that are perfect for pouring large batches into 30ml bottles (available at Amazon, among other places)!

Good luck with whatever approach you decide to take though! =)


So I have started down this long and daunting road of making a likable custard. Two weeks ago I made a couple of single flavor batches of custards trying to get a feel for them. I did 10% of TFA vanilla custard and 10% of CAP V2 vanilla custard. Now bear with me i have a bit of explaining to do. So the TFA VC i had two different bottles of flavor. one bottle i had maybe 8ml left that was over a year old and has sat in a drawer from my very first attempts at mixing flavors. I also have a small 10ml bottle that i recently purchased. So i made 3 testers of single flavors. one had the Old TFA VC at 10% one had the New TFA VC at 10% and the last one had the CAP V2 VC at 10% made 8ml of each and put them up for two weeks. Today i couldnt wait any longer and figured i would give them a try to see if Custards are worth pursuing… I tried the OLD TFA batch first… something i noticed right off the back is that the color of the OLD TFA batch compared to the New TFA batch was darker… a few shades at least… pre steeped maybe? Now i have not tried the New batch yet i wanted to get this out after trying the old one and the cap V2 vc… So here is what I noticed… i loaded my griffin tank up with the old TFA VC batch and… now the bottle is empty lol I liked it even though i do think it could use some supporting flavors it is a good base… Then i tried the Cap v2… i hate to say i am not a fan… it starts out tasty but goes down hill very quickly IMO… The after taste i cant even describe… i dont think i can even choke down the rest of this 8ml sample… im going to have to wash out my tank and re wick it… next i will try the new batch of TFA but so far the TFA is winning… A lot of people rave about Cap V1… Maybe i should get some on my next flavor order… What are others thoughts on this? @Ken_O_Where can you chime in on this also? @Dan_the_Man i know you love custards also… help me out here ELR fam… :slight_smile:


Personally CapV1 is my favorite no matter the diactyl
Never been a fan of the TPA custard tried it in several mixes I have about six types of custards in the cabinet FW WF cap TPA FA RF FW .I mix Custards all the time and vape it daily
Just found this mix the other day and used the Cap V1 instead of the V2 and love it next day and 2 weeks later
http://tjek.nu/r/9ytk supposed to be clone but I vaped colosus store bought not it but is great
I will saye CapV2 to me getting much better after 6 weeks
Just my 2 cents
If you like the TPA better taste is different for everyone


Im all for trying cap v1 im not scared lol I have read others posts about V1 vs V2 and V1 seems to win most of the time… i know no one can tell me for sure since taste is subjective but i am very curious of the difference between the two… so i will be adding some V1 to my next order… i do need to find a couple simple but good custards to mix up and let steep while i expirament more :slight_smile:


I think for me using 6 percent is about right on Cap v1
A lot of people put too much in mixes and it to rich for 10 or more percent I remember some first recipies I saw were real. Heavy with it 15 percent or so


good info I will take that into consideration as im mixing thanks!


Hope it helps
I have about 12 custard testers in the steeping right now lol
Always looking for a better way


care to share any good simple mixes with what i have on hand?.. you dont use TPA cust at all though right? i only have V2 cap and TPA on hand atm


Sure let me look at yours see what u have


No I can’t say I do on TPA
I looked up are close to a couple I mix but
Without the Bavarian cream and Cap1 can’t say what will work Ken may have a couple
Toasted MM is good in Custard also


i actually do have some Bavarian cream… must have been one i missed adding to my flavor stash… ELR isnt my primary recipe/juice mixer i only use this flavor stash so people can see what i have lol i use eliquid calc for mixing and inventory management


Sent you one PM
I love it and the other one in post above
2 of my favs


Your thoughts on Wondef Flavors? How was their custard l? What %s have you tried?


Never tried Cap v2 but I like the v1 a lot. TFA is also a fave and Flavorah. I am constantly trying new custard mixes and have yet to find the ONE. The search continues. In the meantime I can’t help myself yetivape makes the best custard mixes I have ever tried. The one they call Nilla is what they use as their base and it is damn good. here is a deal for a 120ml http://www.yetivape.com/e-liquids/120ml-specials/nilla I know it is not a diy mix but like I said I can’t help myself. here is a favorite mix of mine the only problem is it is all Medicine Flower concentrates in 15 ml batch
MF Vanilla 4drps
MF Caramel 2drps
MF Butterscotch 2drps

Takes six weeks or so to steep but it is very tasty… Now for some reason www.ecigexpress.com is selling MF for $3.99 they used to sell it for $9.99 It is worth getting those 3 flaves from them
I agree with @Machinist2 about the percentages, I don’t normally go above 6% and usually stay around the 4%
---- SHii I mean SHOOT. You prob. already know this but MF on ecigexpress is LOTUS