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Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)

  1. I have not purchased from you yet, and I never recommend any company/product unless I have used it.

  1. http://www.3avape.com/golisi-s4-smart-battery-charger.html

  1. Don’t use Facebook. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/03/facebook-track-browsing-history-california-lawsuit


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Yes, brought from 3avape a few times and would/have recommend you.
Thanks for the tags @MisterSinner @Norseman


Asvape Michael


I don’t have Facebook


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I am not familiar with your company, yet.

If & when I feel comfortable with your customer service, quality of product & pricing. Then & only then would I feel compelled to recommend your business to my friends.


2} Select a product from the website that makes your dangle change angles.


3.like our facebook page,another amazing giveaway is waiting for you there.

Done :white_check_mark:


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I’ve heard of you but never shopped with you.
If I shop with you and I like you, I’ll definitely recommend you!


My husband is getting sick of me stealing his tools, so having my own tool kit would be cool.


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As i read the rules you can participate 4 times and this here is your 5th post.


Thanks for the tag @Sprkslfly but I will just be a spectator on these giveaways from now on. I have so much given to me already that I don’t even have to win. But it’s pleasing to see you all win something I’d much rather watch ya’ll win gear.

  1. Do I know 3avape? Nope, but I would like to get to know you better. How does dinner and a movie sound?

  1. (Two) pick a product?

Well that’s easy. A goon. I love my goon rda’s and would love to add another to the collection.