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Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)


Hey Guys,thank you all for supporting and the encourage for 3avape,new giveaway is ready now!!!
This time,the prize is

528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm(Authentic)



1.Do you know 3avape?(Yes/no)
Will you recommend 3avape to your friends?

2.Pick up one product you like on 3avape.com,and share the link here.

3.like our facebook page,another amazing giveaway is waiting for you there.

4.Tag your vaping friends from this forum,as many as you can.

1.1 winner will be selected by random.org on 15th July 2017

2.30 participants are required.

Thank you and good luck to all!!


Only heard of you here.

Haven’t shopped with you yet, so I cannot recommend you until I have a history to base it on.




I will say as @Sprkslfly, have only heard of you here and until i first handed know you guys are solid i can’t recommend you to any of my friends.




I don’t have Facebook, and I never will.

Also, unless I’m mistaken, this has to be optional (for our forum)… @JoJo?


Easy peasy! =D

@MysticRose @GPC2012 @Pattie @fidalgo_vapes @Beaufort_Batches @VapeyMama @Underanne @Mew @Kinnikinnick @Ken_O_Where


I got a crap FB account i never use and did a like with that.
Honestly hate FB and it shouldn’t be part of any giveaway at all on ELR.


@woftam @tbt127 @redscaddy22 @Lolly @Saxon2 @jhmiller @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


Yes I have ordered from you before. Yes I would - I have never had any issues orders were dispatched promptly.




Thanks for the tag @Norseman

@Lolly @VapeyMama @TheTinMan1 @Saxon2 @mrneph2


Yes there is a thread here on ELR . 3Avape.com-Best Price & Login to get 50% off
Maybe recommend. I did post a sale link earlier.

Thanks for the tag @Sprkslfly :kissing_heart:




Done … :+1:


Only through here so far. Have not ordered through you yet so not able to refer until then.




This forum is my only social network.


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