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Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)


Done …:+1:


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No I haven’t really heard or noticed you before… but someone may have mentioned you I just didn’t notice.


I’d also try the product in the giveaway… ABOUT the website selecting RDA in the drop down shows both rda and rta’s while sselecting RTA in the drop down only shows rts’s


First the birthday boy… @daath
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  1. Only know you from here. Couldn’t recommend until I have a happy transaction with you, but accepting PayPal is a plus.


Love this thing! Just wish you could adjust the low voltage point.


Facebook is never going to be something that I do.


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  1. I use 3avape all the time. I am on your website everyday looking for good deals.

liked FB page :+1:


2 I have recommended 3avape to several friends and put up links here for good clearance deals.


3… Great starter kit for a newbie. Or like I bought it for, to go in my Fly Fishing Vest, perfect size.


4… @Jenny1978 @MysticRose @Underanne @Mew @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @Underanne


thank you all for supporting 3avape
I want to make it clear about the entries:NO more than 4 entries for each participants.:relaxed:
Hope all participants can follow the rules.


it’s ok,if you don’t have facebook account.


:joy: this is not the real selling price,geekvape will release the price today,then price for Aegis mod will be updated today.
Preorders for the aregis mod are welcome.:sunglasses:


it doesn’t matter,you will know more about us from now on :joy:
and you will find many attractive deals on our site.


it’s ok,you will know more about is from ELR.
yes,we accept payment by paypal /wire tranfer and western union etc.
please don’t for forget to log in on our site for much better price.


haha thank you for being 3avape fans,:joy:
I will put up some new and attractive deals every week.


I’ve never purchased anything from 3avape, but I’ve heard of u on here