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Dan the Mans giveaway of the Recurve RDA


Apparently I can’t do giveaways on the giveaway page. So I don’t know, I find that to be strange. Must be a program thing.


Giving away the Recurve. All you have to do is leave a funny picture or meme or story. Something gut busting hilarious.

There will be no randomizing going on. The one that makes me laugh the most.

Just so you know. I want funny not sob. Any kind of begging or sad stories won’t win. If enough people want to do sob or sad stories, I can do that next time.

I want to laugh!!! So lets say sunday will be the last day and I’ll put it in the mail on monday

Oh ya, you can enter up to 10 times

Forgot. Here is a link, (not affiliate) for the Recurve













Good luck everyone! I’ve got 2 in daily rotation already so I’ll stay out of this :wink:


Dude, How do we know that was jesus?


Oh ya, y’all can enter up to 10 times


Someone’s in need of a good laugh? :smiley:


That was… more creepy than funny. Is that guy serious?


I don’t get it…


Glad you liked it. Good Ogre humor. That’s what hits me as hilarious. No, he is not serious but he makes one wonder doesn’t he?


Sorry I tried, its so hilarious if you change it to loop and click play!


I’ve been using computers and such since the 70’s, and read your posting and kept looking at the word “sob” and for the life of me couldn’t figure out what that acronym stood for… it literally took me two minutes to realize it wasn’t an acronym but a word lol


Now that’s funny. I can laugh at myself.

I guess I could fix it, but it’s supposed to say " I want funny, not a sob story." Am I getting it wrong? Sob story is a thing, right?

@CosmicTruth could it be a difference in culture? I am not sure what aliens find funny…


They like probing…