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Dan the Mans Giveaway of the Smok Resa Stick


Well, there she is. I must say, this one is hard to give away, I actually like it.

Anywho, as you can see, it is purple


All you have to do is post.
post anything you want. Happy, sad, mad or vlad.

It will come with an extra glass and 5 coils, which will be, V8 Baby - Q4. I tried to get the mesh coils, but they were sold out.

The extra glass is on me and the extra coils come from Maggie @HealthCabin.
Thanks Maggie!!!

Oh ya, we will run it until sunday night. I will mail it on that monday after.


You said vlad.


hope this counts


i dont know how to make it appear as a pic


RIP Princess, best dog ever :cry:






will someone PLEASE make a meme with scott gottleib vaping


:grinning: There you go, I’m happy.


Yes i do !! :grinning:


I’m in😀 looks good


Awesome, I’ll go with image
it’s Vlad image
Love those Babys!


I just got my first rainbow tank, a baby prince and my mesh coils have arrived… my CII is beyond incompetent and solo basic’s are just that… I don’t have anything that functions in this style.


Freaking a awesome. Thanks for the chance!



This made me chuckle.


sorry I am late. Had to wait for the spare glass to get here. Now I will figure out the list randomizer thingy, I’ll be back ( said in a real bad accent )

Ok, I don’t know how. I shall roll the die!


Congratulations @David5362 you have won the SMOK Resa Stick Plus 2 bubble tanks, and 6 V8 Baby - Q4 coils

Thanks to @HealthCabin for the chance to review the Resa Stick and for adding the Extra Coils

Thanks Maggie, you rock.

@David5362 PM me your address


Congratulations @David5362 :+1:
Thanks for the Chance @Dan_the_Man


I have never had much luck in my long life, but it seems to have changed here in this forum. WOW thank you so much.