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Dear Diary


Dear diary,

I want, no, I demand that I am the sole owner of Joel, none of this Joel5 bull crap. I want him removed from the list so I can have my name back. I am not only quite the character, but I am also the glue that holds this page together as some of you have told me (JoJo) and that I am quite possibly the greatest person to have ever graced these pages, again (JoJo). So please, let me have my name so that I can feel the need to contribute more often, you WILL NOT regret it. That’s MY promise.

And as far as other Joel goes, the nameholder if it were, he’s a non contributor and should be IP banned from the site immediately. As for Joel on the recipe side of the site, don’t touch it because I was able to claim that for my own. Just a forewarning, don’t try any of my recipes, they are horrible.




All this time I thought you were a Deadmau5 fan. Strange how we never really know about people. Maybe you’re the 5th Joel but you’re the one and only Troel. :heart:

PS: JoJo says these things to all of us privately, you’re not supposed to tell.


OK, but mentions on @Joel5 will no longer be valid :wink:


Go to bed, dude! Geez you’re up late :stuck_out_tongue:


What about @Joeltikka and @joel1 and @Joellouis90





…pretty sure your the glue that holds alot of pages together


There you go :wink:


You sound surprised?! ;D