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I’ve enjoyed many hobbies. Learning new things & accepting the challenges of mastering an art. I claim no mastery in any area. I’m generally satisfied with being at least competent & proficient.
I’m in awe of the dedication some have to learn, expand, grow & truly push the limits. Then freely share their knowledge. Amazing.
Flavors & tastes is Very subjective. But there is way more to this hobby than ppl think. Science, technology, electronics, precision, etc…
So here’s a shout out to everyone here!
Have a great day!


Feel free to add to this, share thoughts or whatever.


I have neither the skill nor the inclination to acquire the skill that so many mixers have. I’m eternally grateful to all those that do and have created so many fantastic recipes that keep me vaping.


I didn’t know squat about the metric system until I began learning DIY! :sunglasses:


Learning & growing :sunglasses:


The ELR family is the BEST

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!


There are FAR too many people to drop every single ded that IS required. The whole ELR family deserves one as well as @daath for thinking this whole thing up and getting it going. Glad to see two of my long missed brothers and sisters @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee return into the fray. Was more than glad to help out one of our own @paingawd, if only a little bit, in trying to help bring some normalcy back to his life after the Camp Fires in CA. Was saddened when one of my mentors @Pro_Vapes needed to step back from ELR after bringing FAR more to ELR than he knew. Was reminded of this when mixing …

… it was delicious.

Keep the hits coming family, and Happy Thanksgiving.