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Delaware Drum Show 2018


LOL, I love Steve Moore !!!

Normally I scoff at the overuse of showy showy-ness, but I like his style, and it moves me.

Nothing is better than the Christmas video loollll…

Steve and Mike !!! ???


Sorry @woftam I love Steve !!!


@SessionDrummer , this dude also worth a look, master in mashing up with a roland sampler pad while playing the drums :wink:


Very nicely done, interesting, and unique !!!


I always loved drums and drumming tough i could not realy maintain a rythm because my hands where doing other things then what i was thinking :rofl:

Soooo i did not gotten further then this for myself in my home studio :sweat_smile:

Roland MC505 Groovebox

En this little beast that i fell i love with lately :drooling_face:

Roland TR8 ( digital version of the TR808 & TR909 )