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Delaware Drum Show 2018


Great time, tons of vintage drums, and met Daniel Glass. Wife picked up one of his books, and DVD’s, very nice guy.


Did you play Stairway to Heaven? :drum:




…and he holds his sticks the right way.


Loved all the finishes! very cool… old and new. I need one of those stools for the Photo Studio …they make 'em for fat dudes?


Awesome , Thanks for sharing! Loved the Union Jack Premier set , I shall now go listen to The Who!


+1 @daven


@BoDarc Thrones have come a LONG way since I bought my first one. They do everything except recline at this point. They have numerous that would work in any situation.


Good taste @BoyHowdy


It is strange , when I think of the greatest drummers… I don’t think of Moon as THE best but he was the most entertaining for me.


I always enjoyed watching Tris Imboden of Chicago


I see an old Rogers snare like I used to have about 30 years ago.


Best is hard to quantify for sure. I really liked his style.



Just for those who don’t know, that pattern is made by blasting the wood with electricity for a rapid second.

  • Very cool SessionDrummer!



My feelings exactly , there is no best IMO. Liked his style as well , like a brilliant storm.


I love a good bash on the drums i cant play for sh!+ but love to bash them :grin:



The best drummer ever - I love this guy he is awesome


What the actual fuck. Lmao