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(DESPERATE!) What is your closest Recipe to a REAL CIGARETTE (Dunhill Red, Davidoff Classic)


Choose 12mg nic. 65/35. Add in a Suorin Air or similar pod. Excellent throat hit… If your recipes just arent doing it for you. May be worth a try.



use high pg in both of them(40 or 50) and the nicotine you normally use


for a more pipe or cigarillo like taste


If you like an American Winstin…


It is nice to see that you guys (and gal’s) are still interested in helping me out. I really think that I am not the only one seeking to find the perfect “cigarette” taste and that this thread (and your suggestions) is/will be really helpful.
Thanks a lot!


That’s a great recommendation! I used for 3 months and actually quit my 3 Pack a day of homemade cigs using a shit ton of burley, virginia and Perique. The Whole Nicotine extraction had all the components of unadulterated tobacco. I easily extract the tobacco by soaking the tobacco with PG for a few days and then do a cold press with 4 C clamps using a cast iron skillet and peice of 1 inch oak board cut into a circle to match the bottom of the pan I use the C clamps on the board edge in 4 equal locations and tighten each one in sequence over a couple hours. I put the wet tobacco in several large coffee filters to keep the solids out of my juice. During the press cycles I just drain off the juice into a canning jar and then put it through a couple times with a Melitta style pour over maker to further refine the ectract. NET will still clog up coils after a few days but mixed with Whole Nicotine it’s a cigarette killer!
I use Daughters and Ryan pipe tobacco but also like Peter Stokkebye from Denmark. I’ll post a video later or pictures of the tobacco and cold press.