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(DESPERATE!) What is your closest Recipe to a REAL CIGARETTE (Dunhill Red, Davidoff Classic)


Hello everyone,
I vape since 2015 and can’t throw away the analogues (normal cigarettes). The problem is that none of the recipes I’ve mixed doesn’t emulate the feeling of smoke and tobacco or don’t taste strong enough for me.

I’ve invested a lot of money in RTAs, RDAs and Coils, thinking that they would improve the taste/aroma.

RDA/RTAs: Cthulhu Hastur, Siren V2, Innokin Ares, SMOK Spirals, Baby beast, 2x Chinese MTL RDAs.

AROMA STASH (Tobacco):
FA: Black Fire, Shade, Dark vapure, 7Leaves, Mellow Sunset.
INW: RY4, Sesame Sweets, Little Space Drop, Latakia, Garuda, Pyramid, Gold Ducat, Maxx Blend, Oriental, Dirty base (10% Nic).
TFA: RY4 Double
My profile: I prefer MTL, 8-10% Nic, Smoky, STRONG cigarette tastes, or fresh/summer fruits, chewing gum, menthol. I dislike sweet, creamy, desert aromas.

Please help me find a combination that would emulate my analogues. I can buy extra aromas if the ones that I already have are not sufficient.

Thank you all, in advance!

PS- I AM DESPERATE (I also hate it that I smoke analogues)!


…and honestly, they’ll never get to that point. :smirk: I travelled down the same path… sounds to me like you’re about ready to move on to NET juice (naturally extracted tobacco). :sunglasses:


You might try Black Flag Risen by 5 Pawns… and then try to clone it (I have not come close). There is nothing that I can compare it to easily.

In trying to clone it I ran across this little jewel by RuntDastardly… Marietta (a coffee flavor). It is strictly an adult acquired taste. I mixed 500ml. (I found the coffee flavor on Ancestry.com, it smells like crap but don’t let that distract you…LOL)

You might also switch to Nic Salts and up your % to 12 or 18. Very smooth.
I use Nicotine River… always get good service…

A real cigarette would taste like an ashtray… I have an experimental recipe I call Fidel Castro’s Spit but it is not ready for prime time…


Thanks for the nice info! Really appreciate it.
I’ve already bought the whole collection of BLACK NOTE NET Juices and I was not too impressed. It was maybe, the fact that they tasted like fresh tobacco and no “burnt” tobacco.
I’ve just tried to order the Five Pawns liquid from the only German site that imports it, but it gave me an error. So, Five Pawns is a no-go until I get can contact the site admins/support.

Because I am in Germany, my options are limited, regarding products from the US. This also applies to Nic salts, which are nowhere to be found (on google.de at least).


I agree… the Black Note liquids are OK, but they’re almost too refined for my tastes. This is one reason I make my own NET. Grab a 1/2 oz of a heavy Burley blend tobacco from a shop and make your own extract. Within a months time, you’ll be a much happier vaper.


I’m struggling to understand why anyone would miss the taste of analogues, but each to their own I guess.

Is it really the taste that you are craving? I’d be tempted to up the nicotine and see if analogues still appeal after a few hits on high nic juice.


I use 0 mg nicotine now, but i still crave cigarette. when i do, i use cigarette flavor juice, since i dont want any more nicotine. that is usually enough for me.
@RemusGOD if you could get Hangsen, their tobacco flavors are great IMHO. Turkish and Red USA Mix are my favorite.


I was in the same situation as you are regarding the analogs. I tried just about everything including the latest and greatest rdas, mods, different flavorings, etc. What finally got me over the hump was switching to a pod system with a higher dose of nicotine salt juice. Using this setup helped me when I was getting that urge to grab an analog better than any other mod or juice.

You can try something like a Juul which is the most popular (and most expensive) of the pod systems or there are several cheaper alternatives. The Juul’s pods use a 50mg nicotine salt juice in them and they are notorious for being one of the better devices to get people off of the stinkies. I use a Boulder Rock which uses refillable pods with my own mix of 50mg nicotine salt liquid. Just remember that these types of devices aren’t for flavor chasing, but more of a nicotine delivery system.



Closest I came was mixing this:



with some dirty neutral base. Pretty close.

At work now, but will post the recipe when i get home.


Try to stay away from cigs for 3 days, after that you will understand how close to ‘‘analogs’’ is the taste of DNB, this is what was help me when I was in your position. (Sorry for my english)
Ps: Is the ‘‘after-breath’’ of analogs that it is not posibly AFAIK, at least at the moment, to find it elsewere.


Thank you VERY much for all your answers and tips. The first (and maybe logical) thing that I will try, is what LABERYTHM suggested: try to not smoke analogues for as long as possible, in the hopes of “regenerating” my sense of taste.

If this doesn’t work, I will buy the JUUL Device. I wanted to buy it for a long time, but some reviews described the juices as “sweet” and I hate the honey taste in some juices (MAXX Blend?!).

A special thanks to DELLTRAPP for suggesting some Hangsen flavors. I found a source for “premade” Hangsen juices in Germany and I will order both of them (and another 2-3 for testing purposes).

A source for Hangsen AROMAS (for DIY) in Germany would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve spotted a trend: Nic Salts were greatly suggested. As of now (based on 30-40 min of searching) Nic Salts are out of the question in Germany (maybe the EU in general, because of the high Nic content). I simply can’t find a seller. I really want to try it. If someone knows a source in Germany/that ships to Germany, please let me know.


Just tried to order the two aromas suggested by OBIJUAN, from the USA… about 40$ shipping costs, for a 31$ order. It would be nice if you can describe the taste or give me alternatives. PS- What does VZ-SC stand for? Is it an abbreviation? (SC can be Super Concentrated) Maybe I am searching for the wrong things on google.de


@RemusGOD this was the best advice you got. Truly.

No offense meant y’all.

Check this link out. I promise, you will not be dissapointed one of our members here at ELR makes em. @50YearsOfCigars


Hey Dan-the-Man: Thanks for the hugs ! Unfortunately I can not send samples to the OP in Germany. Please read this link to my comments about the issues with commercial NET vendors like Black Note. I am not knocking them in any way, but @Kinnikinnick is exactly right, they have down toned true NETs in order to get the widest possible acceptance audience for their products.

And, he is also right on target, just get some feedstock and make your own extract. You can read all about how to do that from the posts in the NET subject category here on the forum.



Hey Remus,

So sorry the shipping is so outrageous, that sucks.

VZ is the company that makes the flavor (Vaping Zone)

SC means ‘super concentrated’ as most of their flavors require about 2.5% to mix

The 2 flavors i mentioned taste like a fresh pack of cigs.

The ‘light tobacco’ flavor is actually a flavor from a Chinese company called Flavors Express, so you can probably find that pretty easily.

The other ‘Real Cig’ flavor is only found at Vaping Zone (as far as I know) unfortunately.

Either way, here is my recipe. Worked for me when I quit. Used to smoke a pack a day for 23 years, and this is what worked for me.

I was a former menthol smoker, so my recipe is for a menthol cig, but you can just leave that out.



It could be either Bakers Flavors from Russia Flavors or Xian Xiangfu Agricultural. Not sure which one it is, but the VZ flavours are from one or the other.

It is also available from

You may be able to get it from

Search Through

Xian Xiangfu Agricultural (somewhere in the maze that is their website)



Ya know, I also forgot to mention…

You can also look for tobacco absolute. There are a few different manufacturer’s for it, so u can do a search for that.


Thanks everybody! So…

  1. I’ve ordered yesterday some “Premium” NET Concentrates (for DIY) from Italy. I hope they do the trick.
  2. Just passed the 3 Hour mark on not smoking analogues (this is a feat for me… really!)
  3. Thanks WOFTAM and OBIJUAN for the suggestions! Just ordered the Real Cig (and 4-5 other Concentrates) from the Australian site. They should arrive in a week or so.
  4. For the NETs and for the Real Cig, should I combine them with something else? (I’m thinking FA Black Fire for an added “smoke” taste)
  5. I only have INW Dirty Base LIQUID (already mixed in PG/VG + 10% nic, not the Concentrate that you mix yourself). Shoud I use this, or should I go for a “clean” base and add in the nic shots?


You are most welcome. Hope you find something close that works for you. i can’t comment on FA black fire as I don’t have that, but if you add the Dirty Base mixed eliquid you already have, just bump up the % a bit. Should work fine.


between Turkish ultimate, desert ship, DNB INW, perique black, western tpa, and tobacco absolute mixed with a little extreme ice, gave me an alright menthol cigarette.