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Disposal of /usages for nic juice waste


Our city has hazardous waste disposal days when you bring freaky batteries, light bulbs, paint, and motor fluids.

Even in litter, rain will wash nicotine into the ground, so please don’t dump it anywhere.

What about donating it to a vaper in your area who has lower standards than for freshness? E.g., I’d take it!


I used to be that lucky :slight_smile: but the friend died recently. and i still have about 10 years backlog of redundant batteries, because i kept forgetting to give him those ( The dead TV etc were somewhat more in my face!)
hey! if any of you folk are in a position to help a friend or neighbour out, in that same way, please do! especially if they have mobilty problems (though i should think that just about anybody has mobilty ptoblems when it comes to lugging stuff to the dump w/o the benefit of private transport)


i should think that if we dump small qusntities in the prescribed fashion, that wouldn’t be worth worrying about, no more than we worry about the nicotine that gets into the ground when we compost potato plants. It’s a natural prtoduct that breaks down naturally, after all. It’s just that an unnatually high concentration of the stuff could harm the ecosystem .
Oh! and trust me , you wouldn’t want mine chuckle it’s not only ben unsuccessfully mixed with various flavourings; all those unsucessful mixes have been thrown together in the same bottle, now! tastes worse than a rats’ arse I should think.


Petroleum is a natural substance, too, and shouldn’t be dumped on the ground or into drains of any kind; like you said, nicotine kills insects when absorbed by their skin. It all gets back into the water supply, where antidepressants, contraceptives and steroids flushed in small amounts are found now.

According to the EPA, Nicotine is a poison listed in 40 CFR 261.33(e) as an acute hazardous waste (EPA waste code P075) when disposed.


While I obviously get your point… I can’t pass having a bit of comedy fun with the following:

Wait. So… Let me get this straight.
By drinking said water, I should be happy, buff as a MF’r, and not have to worry about knocking up all the chicks I should be newly drawing in thanks to my happy go lucky personality and ripped physique??

What the fuck are you complaining about?
There’s a downside here?? :thinking:


/seriously: thanks for your understanding.
And the setup! LMAO :wink:


I should think that official advise re, disposing if small quantities would change, accordingly. if leaking into ground beneath the muncipal dump was thought to be a problem. ( Upon Googling, I found that Mr. Sinner’s advice comes from multiple official sources, and appears to be standard procedure) .

Unlike petroleum,nicotine is biodegradable, I imagine it would almost completely decompose before it found it’s way into water supply via slow leakage of small (non-industrial) quantities. My only concern with that was , as I stated, the plastic wrapping will not, and I do wish there were some way to avoid using that.

Regulations for industry are , ofc, more rigorous, for obvious reasons .If we were mixing on an industrial scale, then we would also be required to treat the water that we use for rinsing out our equipment as hazzardous waste! Now that would be flaming awkward wouldn’t it?

Another difference betwen nicotine and petroleum is that nicotine is naturally produced by various plants, such as nicotiania species, as a defence against insects, This includes a number of edible plants. Therefore nicotine does get into the food and water supplies by entirely natural means. Our ptoblem is not how to avoid nicotine getting into the ecosystem, but how to avoid unnaturally high concentrations of it, bearing in mind that it is considerably more tioxic. to aquatic creaures and insects than it is to ourselves . That is, it can be toxic to the environment in much he same was that farmer’s slurry can and does poison rivers, norwithstanding the fact that animals have surely shat since time immemorial! and shit is good for your roses nonetheless.

Intrigueingly , human beings are adapted to absorbing nicotine from our environment, even to the point of having dedicated nicotine receptors in our brains.! This , perhaps sufggests that the beneficial effects (which we have only jrecently begun to investigate) far outweigh any harmful effects, at reasonably low dosage ?

Nicotine might turn out be analogous to salt: essential in small concentrations but extremely toxic to both ourselves and our environment in high concentrations. We do need to have a sense of proportion about it.