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Disposal of /usages for nic juice waste


some day I moght tell the story of how four 250ml bottles of of 7.2% nicotine base never made it into the feeezer as intended (.The short version is: it’s my son’s fault, again ) But never mind, , I thought to myself “Oooh! , i shall use it to make my test batches. Then ,when I like the result, it’s totally ready to vape all day.”

The downside is , I;'ve now got considerably more naff juice than I know what to do with. And i’d rather not pour nicotine down the sink,

I usually keep any waste juice for use as an insect killer. it is amazingly effective on fruit flies, if they get into your kitchen (No need for complicated fruit fly traps. they’ll be drawn to any open vessel with sweet nicotine liqiud in it, then very swiftly die from nicotine absorbed through their skin, Simple as that) . I also managed to finally , at long freaking last, do away with the huge ants nest right outside my kichen door by pouring nicotine juice into the heart of it . (just like indigenopus americans used to do, apparently). No more ants in the house, after that, thank goodness! However, I wouldn’t go further than stictly necessary with using it as bug contol in the garden. Even though it’s “natural” in a sense, It’s not ecologically sound, It kills the “good” bugs along with the " bad,". In fact, that infernal ants nest is all I would use it on., personally.

Anyway, my normal, modest rate of wastage took care of all that,.So now I’m casting around for other useages. I think I might just have to settle for a responsible method of disposal. But anyway, any ideas?


Found this with Google.

Proper DisposalLastly, do not pour e-liquid down a drain. If you need to dispose of e-liquid (say because it’s gone bad), empty the fluid into absorbent kitty litter in a sealable plastic bag and throw it in the trash. This keeps the nicotine out of the groundwater and makes it difficult for a dog, child, or dumpster diver to get sick on the e-liquid.


Thanks . I did a search myself, and that does appear to be the standard advice. I’ve been thinking that given that Nicotine is a natural plant product, there ought to be some more environmentally friendly way of disposing of it than wrapping it up it plastic, but , must admit, i’m not coming up with anything better.
Obviously, concerns about accidental poisoning do have to come first here.


Fantastic idea with insect killer and eliquid with nic! I’ll try it!


Tobacco spray, made from cigarette butts has long been used by gardeners as a natural pesticide. It still is, actually but I did read somewhere that it’s not so environmentally friendly as was once thought, so i wouldn;t use it, personally, nor the obvious modern version (e-juice spray) . That said, damned if I can find the article that advised against it!

Personally, i very much prefer to err on the side of caution with pesticides. I just leave the bugs alone, unless they’re destroying some edible crop. …or invading my kitchen!

In any case, waterered down nic base should be better than tobacco spray., as it doesn;'t contain so much superfloius crap. And I doubt it would carry the mosaic virus, like tobacco does. But don;'t take my word for it. I’m just guessing!


I’ll experiment this summer. I’ll also try it on my fruit trees. If it works on the horrible Japanese Beetle, it’s golden.

I usually use pounce or warrior agricultural insecticide on those but it’s extremely toxic


Other than spraying liquid ass on my dirty work coat, this nic liquid idea is the best idea I’ve heard this year!


Nicotine is used as a pesticide in many places - liquid ass not so much


Liquid ass repels people. It smells so bad I bet it would repel animals.



How did your co workers like this?


How much nic would I add into water for a spray for plants?


Hehe during summer I work from home by myself so it is unlikely I will try it - my pet spider I suspect would run away fairly quickly. :grinning:

Not sure but you can buy nic pesticide and it says on the label 10% - I dont think I would be spraying 100mg nic around anywhere.

But since you can make it from smoke butts I guess the finished product would be quite weak


Oh no! Don’t hurt your pet spider! I’ll make some this summer for sure on garden veggies.


How is baby spider doing this winter anyway? Keeping warm I hope


Summer in full swing mate so she is lovin the extra food. :grinning:


Lychee gummi bear mix, sound good? used to lube my o-rings
p.s the atty o-rings


Where I live, we can drop off hazardous chemicals at the local dump free of charge. There is a designated drop off area just for things such as paint, cleaning supplies and even nicotine. Maybe check your local area to see if something like that is available to you. I dropped off some peppery harsh PG based nic I had when I first started mixing.


there’s a similat facilty near me too, but i’ve no practical way of getting there unless you count taxi as practical? i don’,. because the fares are shocking! my next question is how to dispose of my growing collection of redundant batteries without forking out taxi fares? I found out you can safely put then in the trash, after submerging them in salt water for two weeks, The catxch is rthat they ned to be fully discharged first,of course! not such a simple matter in some cases (eg where I discontinued use on account of safety concerns!).
Heck, i can see myself giving in soon and catching a tzxi to the local dump, but i don’t want to make a habit of it!


Yeah taxi fare would be very costly. I am lucky that I have a friend that makes runs to the dump a few times a year and usually is nice enough to ask if I have anything to throw out. We have free electronics disposal too. Not actually free, all the taxes and fees we pay cover the costs, but it makes dropping stuff off a little easier.