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DIY Made Easy with VapeWild.eu


Our flavors come from reliable manufacturers. VapeWild then takes them and makes our own custom blends.
Nothing comes straight from a manufacturers bottle. They are blended here.


You still haven’t answered my initial question… Is your juice made out of your own concentrates or not?


Our flavors come from reliable manufacturers. VapeWild then takes them and makes our own custom in house blends that we use to make our own juice.


Third time’s a charm lol


And still no answer to the question!

Since you so obviously try to avoid the real question i do actually believe that your juice comes from your own concentrates which according to people at your company contain diketones.

Instead of trying to avoid the real question here why not be honest and give us the truth? I mean if you can’t answer a simple question you will not be trustworthy which will lead to you losing business since people can’t trust you.


I don’t expect an honest answer to that question and to be honest, since they can’t answer a question truthfully i lost interest in them.


Sometimes what’s not said speaks volumes


Totally agree.
Whatever position the person posting here has in the company he is obviously the wrong person to have on ELR to answer our questions since this person done a really bad job for the company this far.


Personally i consider the first statement made on the origins of their flavorings to be a lie, according to the second statement they made.

Seems to be the norm from them these days. Shoulda seen the reddit mess and then all the BS on our recipe site…


My spider sense is going off again…


I think he thinks he’s answering but has probably been given a script with which to address these kinds of “Social media” advertising type questions. @E-Money, if my translation of your answer is inaccurate please correct me but I think what he (or she?) is saying…

They buy from the flavor manufacturers, TPA,Cap, FA, etc… Then

Then they make a flavor stone which they normally use to make their juice but now we can buy the stone and DIY it for ourselves.

I often mixed their Strawberry Waterfelons with a locally made vanilla flavor back when I was mixing retail juices. I have no experience with this company over the past year but I never found anything nefarious about them.


I specifically asked about cap, tpa, fw and fa and was told that it’s their own juice and concentrates


When the response from that script isn’t working it is time to connect that brain again and try to give as good answer that is possible. Sitting and responding with a detached brain hasn’t worked out that well for him/her up till now.


I saw that but as you guys said above, it seems likely that the person behind this profile was told, “Go advertise this, here’s a list of sites” and maybe doesn’t know that much about the actual process of making the juice. (they can’t all be Walt. :wink: )


These guys should go easy then.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves!


Wouldnt that be nice? hehe.

This is certainly par for the course with these folks. Ive seen this happen several times with them, over the last year. Back when VW first started their CS was totally different, their social media people worked hard to answer questions with real thought, not scripts.

Sad really as the old crew were very nice.


I haven’t been ashamed over stuff i do in a very very long time and this doesn’t even come close to qualify for that.


I was an avid customer of VW here in the states before getting into DIY.
In fact, they are a big reason I now DYI. When they started offering DYI I didn’t really have much of an interest. Then they stopped doing flavor shots (extra flavoring added to your juice). They did however, offer the concentrates to add your own.
It didn’t take long to realize that doing it all myself wasn’t out of the realms of my capabilities, so I experimented with some of their flavoring, and bought enough lab gear to play around with different flavors.
There are still a few of their flavors I really like and I’ve tried to clone a couple.
I don’t know if their flavoring have diketones (my flavor shelf has a few that do from various companies), or who makes them.
What I do know is the few years I bought their juices they always treated me good and every once in awhile through in a little freebie.
I was surprised they weren’t part of this community when I got here, especially since many of their flavorings are already in the system.
I’m even more surprised they have continued this business model, due to customers like me, that spent a lot of coin with them that went on to pursue other means.
I still have the remnants of a few of their concentrates on the shelf, but now it’s mostly comprised of products from other vendors.
I do recommend them to anyone wanting to give DIY a try without making a big commitment.
Just my $.02.


Most of vape wild’s flavors come from flavor west.

In the states at least.

Hope this helps in the slightest


Only on ELR would you get such a broad range of responses from “just what exactly is in your flavorings” to “so let me get this straight, these flavors aren’t manufactured in the US?” I think some of our members are closet rocket scientists.

The only question I have is are they any good? lol