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DIY Made Easy with VapeWild.eu


Are you new to DIY? Have you ever tried to create your own e-liquid? It’s really quite easy and you should give it a shot if you haven’t! Check out this YouTube tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5ih1__ghRQ

VapeWild.eu DIY Deals

What manufacturer does you concentrates come from, are they re-bottled?.


All of our concentrates come from VapeWild, they are not re bottled from another manufacturer.


Wanting to try DIY and mixing your own juice can get a little expensive. VapeWild.eu would like to share a coupon with you! Use code DIY15 on your next purchase of Shake & Vape, flavoring, and blends for 15% off. This coupon is a one time use and excludes DIY tools. We hope you enjoy!


@daath @JoJo @Ken_O_Where a vendor merge perhaps


You beat me to it lol


What are the recommended starting percentages of your concentrates?

Do you have any test data for diketones?


So you are stating that your flavorings are manufactured by VapeWild and not combinations of flavorings from other companies?


I asked customer service in their website and was told that they manufacture all their flavourings, they’re not from other companies. They also didn’t know what an msds sheet was and would only tell me that the flavourings are all natural or artificial flavourings, sweeteners, pg, vg and pharma grade nic. I said I only wanted to know about diketones and or butyric acid in them and was told that their juice has no diketones but their concentrates do. Oh, and the recommended starting percentages are 10 - 20%.


I get a mixed message in that response from them, I would imagine that they make their own juice from their own concentrates and if said concentrates has diketones in them so does their juice unless it magcally disappears along the way. And since i don’t believe in real magic i guess their juices has diketones in them :wink:


I was hoping someone could explain that one to me too lol


I think i just did or at least called them out on it :laughing:


Same logo and company name.


I find that pretty hard to believe. I have had their ejuice a couple times, i won some on reddit when i was still there, when their company started. They sell concentrates for those liquids that i won, one of the was Fruit Hoops and it was made from common flavorings that i have on my shelf. This was long before they were doing anything in the DIY market.

Id be cautious in purchasing their stuff or relying on their CS for answer, as the DIY sub found out.

Thanks for the info @DrChud.


So they’re an American company based in Dublin. Coming over here and stealing our jobs and using non-EU ingredients. It’s yet another outrage!!


I also discovered this when I started out and was doing my SFTs, having had their premixed juice previously. I remember going “ahhh so that’s what they use in their bb cream liquid” etc


All of our juices from our Vapewild.eu site have been tested and are diketone free. We have full compliance with TPD regulations. As they evolve we will as well.


Since the reply to @DrChud said that your concentrates has diketones in them, does this mean you’re not making your juice out of your own concentrates?


We have branched out into a more Global market, This makes shipping less expensive to those purchasing VapeWild over seas also we are not bringing over a bunch of Americans to Dublin to take over the job market.


I was doing my best Trump impression there :grin: