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DIY nic salt help


I just got a Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Starter Kit and want to DIY some nic salts for it. Its Maximum Wattage Output is 12W. I am used to a sub ohm mod using freebase nic at like 70w. This is my first pod system. I am new to Nic salt, and the type I got was from nicriver HIT Nic Salt 48mg PG. I am used to 6mg freebase nic using sub ohm. So one question I have is 6mg freebase on a sub ohm the same as 30mg nic salt using 12w? I am trying to gauge how strong I need these salts.
The other question I have is about the nic salt base I have. The description of the Suorin Vagon says it can be used with 70vg/30pg or 60vg/40pg. I didnt read this untill after I bought the nic salt base because I thought pod systems need higher PG so I got the base in PG. Now I am a bit confused because if nice salt base is 48mg PG and I need a 30mg mix, is that even going to be possible if I am using pg flavoring? I usually make my mixes max VG so I have a bunch of VG, but I am wondering if its not going to be possible with the nic base being pg at 48mg.


There are some other threads around about this exact topic, so search the forums here. But I tripple the nic for my low power MTL PODs and up the flavor a little for salt use.

Enter the recipe on the recipe side and it will let you know if your mix is possible. I use 48mg salt in 50/50 base, then mix down to 60/40 VG/PG. If the calculator errors I just click the max VG box.



Tripple so that would be around 18mg nic salts. Ok thanks, I was confused because when looking at comercial nic salt juice they have 30mg and 50mg listed.


And if you vape that you will become accustomed to vaping that high of a MG liquid, I think it is missed by many that you can mix salt exactly the same as normal nic base, the only reason to up the dose is if you have a low power/low output device.


so this would work good with the vagon?


So I mixed the Nic salts at 50 50 but The Vg part was smooth Nic salts and the PG part is HIT salts is it okay to mix hit and smooth salts together?