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Diy or Die Water Malone One Shot Question


Anyone know if the Water Malone one shot has super sweet in it? The recipe itself does, but the percentages of the recipe/one shot don’t add up. The recipe is 10.50% (0.5% Super Sweet), and the recommended one shot percentage is 10%. I’m not a fan of sweetener and I can’t find the answer anywhere which is why I’m asking. Here’s the recipe:


Hmmm calling @DIYorDIE


I don’t believe Wayne will answer. He swore off of ELR awhile a go.


If you ask me, that difference is just to make mixing a little easier for people who make the one shots into their e-liquid.
That 0.5% of (TOTAL) flavoring isn’t going to make or break the recipe. It’s going to be slightly less flavored than when you make the original recipe, but you’d have to be someone with really good taste buds to taste the difference.

It’s the same thing if you create a recipe with 9.5% total flavoring. You create a one-shot from it, and then mix it up as a 10%. You’ll have the opposite effect, a tiny little bit extra flavor, but it’s not going to make or break the final product. You just have easier numbers to work with, you have the same ratios of flavoring, just a tiny little bit weaker or stronger.


Nah, @ Wayne_Walker still lurks here some but seems he has been really busy lately.


Thanks for the reply. I was thinking maybe that was it, like he was just rounding it off to an easy number to remember, but since 0.5% is super sweet and that’s the difference in the one shot %, it got me wondering. All of his other recipes w/sweetener that have one shots match up, (at least all of them I’ve looked at) so I’ll assume this one has sweetener too… Thanks.


If you find that it’s not sweet enough, you can still add a couple drops of super sweet in it afterwards. It’s not like a custard that has to steep for a long time… shake (really well) and vape.


Hey @ffrank there is 0.5% sweetener included, but it’s not super sweet. 10.5% is the normal range to mix this flavor. I put on the bottle only 10% because it’s just an easy, even number, and after testing it doesn’t seem to affect flavor much at all. I know some rather not have sweetener, or add their own, so I’ve been working to offer a “non sweetened” version of the one shots soon. Hope that helps!


@Wayne_Walker Yup that’s what I was looking for. Thanks