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DIY or Die vaping. Is any body PAYING to use this site? It seems unlikely to me but I have been known to be wrong…
He really seems to think it is better than ELR which REALLY seems unlikely. Then he changed his mind and said different not better, wink wink.
Please believe that I am not disparaging the fellow, i am just curious.


Not me, I like it here.


I’m not personally paying for it. But I think he does provide some value added content. I think the price is fair. I also believe for a newer mixer that may want direct attention it may be worth it…or if your a fan of his mixes.


i dont pay but i listen to the guy alot of what he has to say is valued info


If you’re saying that Wayne said that DIY or Die is better than ELR, I don’t think I’d fault him for that even if I didn’t agree. It is HIS site after all. I think most people would be inclined to prefer their own stuff. :wink: I think he’s an okay chap from the brief interactions we’ve had here. I’ll admit I’ve never really been to his site or watched any of his videos though.


I’m sure with all the free time between the kido school and here you have all the free time in the world. :innocent: J/k.

The videos are well done. I find a certain level of entertainment in them.


I have never visited the site. This site has everything I need to do what I do and I absolutely love the community here at ELR. Although, I understand his desire to promote his own site, I just hope that greed doesn’t take precedence over the passion to help others learn this art. His popularity will get him some loyal members but I hope that other free sites like ELR stays free. I donated to this site and will donate again happily knowing that this community does not charge to share in our passion.


no, he is not greedy. It is only $3.00 a month.


I do not fault him at all. Doing what you love for a living is the Dream of all men and women I would think. I guess I am just loyal to ELR and cant imagine a better place with better peeps.


I agree! :slight_smile: This is my home and will be till it’s gone or I am. I don’t have the time or the inclination to venture out…I have all I need right here. :blush:


I agree with you bud!

/to the topic
Well, putting any “competitive issues” aside (forum wise), one thing I respect about him is that:

At least he’s got the experience under his belt before trying to build such a resource, unlike another such recent “person of interest” (topically) here.

I’ve watched more than a few of Wayne’s videos, and while there have been a few points of contention that I may have uncertainties about, not once have I doubted his belief in his opinions or questioned his experience.

Whether or not we share the same palette, or profile appreciations doesn’t matter. As long as I know and feel that his opinions on a flavor (or company) aren’t skewed, then he’s adding a value to the community. And so far, I’ve not seen any evidence of such!


I don’t pay for anything on his site, but I do like it. As far as being better than elr, it’s completely different so I don’t see it as better or worse, just different. DIY or Die was one of the first sites I found when I was researching making my own e liquid and there’s definitely a bunch of good stuff there that’s useful. I like here and there for entirely different reasons.


wayne is all about free information yes he makes some money but his belief is recipes should be free , his heartbis in the right place and he has given ELR tons of respect on his podcasts


That’s Cool … I’m not bashing I just don’t want to see free sites to start charging members for the knowledge that we all share freely.


I think he puts out good videos but sometimes, some of his podcasts or just videos in general are like 2 and a half hours long. yowzah. His product review videos are kind of just him like… sensually vaping on his mod and then blowing at the camera and then making eye, like…what am I watching right now? lmao. his podcasts are pretty interesting though, I remember when he interviewed @Alisa :), this was shortly after the Bust-A-Nut went out I think.


I really like Wayne’s passion for e-liquids and I’ll give him that, he loves some DIY e-liquid. He does do a whole lot of research it seems and he does say if he’s not sure of something as to not bash him. So I also give him kudos on being honest.

The only thing I will say is I’ll never be on a forum that you have o pay a fee. I’ll donate if I try the site and I see it’s fit to donate like this one. To me, if a site is good then you don’t need to charge a fee because the members will donate enough to keep it up and running. Also, I’m sure that our site Guru (Lars) has other methods of financing operations without placing a fee to members.

That’s not to say that some may want to pay a fee to be on his site and love his forum. For me, I just don’t think I can learn anything on that site that I don’t already know or can find out here, for free…


I will gladly donate, but I won’t pay. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best site I’ve been on and there is no need for me to go elsewhere. IMO, the best thing about this place is there are no overpowering egos (not saying that there are there because I’ve never been) and the overwhelming amount of help available here just keeps me anchored.


i dont think anyone is bashing i just think wayne has put his time in and will continue to do free things and if asking for a coupke bucks towards his website to help isnt a bad thing , its not like he jumped on the scene and said hey listen to me and pay me lol hes a fair dude IMO and his line with ecx is still available for free its just they made it easier to make the recipes with the one shot idea


I dont pay for it but I do use the free content on the site and watch his videos from time to time…


He’s partly responsible for me getting into DIY, his were some of the first mixing vids I found when searching - along with Fresh03 and New Amsterdam. Ironically, I discovered E-LR because of Wayne, as he mentioned this place in some of his vids. So, thanks to him for that :smiley: and I do watch his YT vids. But, nope, not a paid member, I DIY to save money, not spend more :stuck_out_tongue: