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DIY: Spare Atomizer/ RDA holder




The height comes in handy when using the geekvape tri-wrench thing as it sometimes doesn’t spin all the way around on other build stands.


I’ve been using pill bottles for carrying my RTA’s for a couple of years now. I’ve never thought to drill a hole in the lid though! I started doing it when we took a trip to Nicaragua and I needed something to cart my atty’s on the airplane that would protect them while in my carry-on baggage and would contain any liquid that might leak while at altitude(TIP: Flipping your tank upside-down doesn’t work. Empty those tanks before takeoff!)


You can also make a quickie atty stand with an old glass bottle dropper. Take the cap, remove the dropper and rubber bulb, insert the rubber bulb inside the cap and then cut the excess rubber bulb off so that the cap sits flush on a flat surface. Then insert the 510 of your spare atomizer in the now-flipped bulb on the top of the cap. TA-DA! Free atomizer stand!


I have been wanting to share this for a while but kept forgetting till i recalled while browsing $1 deals. The links are merely for better explanation/description of parts and average pricing. I haven’t used the vendor and honestly not sure if the are ELR approved at time of the post. The parts I stumbled upon to make my holders were used in my ego days, selective hoarding pay off.

Pretty much self explanatory but the threads for the coils of lil clearos are 510 size so simply pop the guy in the silicone holder and screw your atty on. I use them to rebuild and display atties since i am always fiddling w/ diff ones.They stick nicely to the desk so your atty isn’t moving around when rebuilding.
As I am typing this, I am thinking of a combination between @Saxonn pill idea and the silicone holder to get the best of both worlds. I hope I could help anyone who likes this idea as I do w/ his w/ long term storage.