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DIY: Spare Atomizer/ RDA holder


I came up with this idea out of necessity. Because I don’t need anymore atomizers, tanks, rda’s, or rdta’s.

First get yourself an empty prescription bottle.

Drill a small hole in the lid (510 size)

Screw your Atomizer, RDA, RDTA, etc. into the hole you just drilled into the lid.

And there you go. An almost instant Atomizer holder.
Secret Bonus Feature : You can use the empty prescription bottle as a screw on cover for your Atomizer

What happened to my clean, organized mixing station?

I hear you have to take drugs before you can do this.


And see, this is where my interest peaked. Where are the deugs and do you have any more drugs? I will PM you my address. :laughing:


Sadly, no. Hence my note above. sniff

For me to have any kind of prescription bottles would mean I’ve been to a doctor. And friend, that ain’t happening unless I’m at death’s door, or a limb is dangling.

“Practicing” physician indeed. HA!
Not on this one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can go to your local pharmacy and ask if they will give or sell you an empty bottle.
As for the drugs that were in the bottles …
They are now powdered, mixed with VG, and have been used in my latest
"Panty Dropper" (Reg. Trdmrk.) recipe. :laughing::laughing:


ROFL :TFF: :thumbsup:




Raid (oops, I mean PARTY) at Sinner’s house!!


All that used to be Percoset!


I totally took page from @MisterSinner’s book and started keeping my atties in Rx bottles (that I had to get from a friend because like @Sprkslfly I’m not the biggest fan of Drs… Except for @DrChud … He’s cool. :wink: ) but I really like the idea of flipping the bottle and putting the hole in the cap! So smart!


That kind of bottle doesn’t exist over here in europe, at least not in any of the countries i lived in.
Can someone save up on those bottles and send over to us europeans?


Since the TPD my local store started selling their liquid bottles in funny plastic tubes/cases. I had one here but can’t find it at the moment. (and I only buy flavours anymore, so I most likely won’t get more)

These are pretty perfect for storing atomizers too! I have no clue if all stores everywhere do that, but might be worth to keep your eyes open :slight_smile:


I get mine from Amazon. If you don’t want to wait to stock up:


I am a certified nut case, papers and everything! Saving bottles wont be a problem! Woo hoo!


I did something similar with a toque tin - doesn’t have the cap function tho. Might have to buy some rx bottles for this tho, capping it that way is cool, freaking dog hair >.>


@Saxon2 Randy this is a great idea. I’ve been using empty pill bottles for a while now for battery storage and putting attys in that I want to use later which already have juice in them. Haven’t done the lid-drlling part, but still…cool. :thumbsup:


If your wanting to utilize the cover part, you have to make sure the bottles you buy have child resistant/reversible lids.
They look like this

Otherwise you won’t be able to screw the bottle over the top of the atty


Back in the days of the innokin MVP mods, you would get a 510 adapter for those old clearo tanks. I had three of them and mounted them onto an empty and cleaned jars of hair putty. Now I can use it as a build stand and store a coiled length of cotton inside of it.


I think I can get them cheaper from this guy that hangs out in the park…


PS: What’s a spare atomizer? :rofl: