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Diyvaporsupply.com, whats up with them? lost for words :(


To add to what @GPC2012 said here. Nicotine River, GremlinDIY and Bull City Vapor are the 3 i use. Gremlin is first on my list, they carry small 5ml sample sizes on a lot of the flavorings and they accept PayPal. If they dont have what im after i check NicotineRiver and then BCV, in that order.

IMO these are the top three vendors out there.


NR now has 10 ml. sample sizes which makes them just about the perfect vendor IMHO. That and the wonderful things coming soon.


Yea I’m gonna check out all the mentioned sites tonight. Thanks everyone.


@GPC2012 why are you teasing us with these ‘wonderfull things to come’ ? :wink:
@Gmer4Lfe dm me with the info like the cost and i’ll take it from there i got a hold of it now


"do not return emails " went to my notes under DIY Vapor Supply.


So far I’m liking that nicotine river, prices seem nice, good site layout, hopefully never have to use it but how is customer service?


Nicotine River customer service is the best! I have had to deal with them twice. The first time was a Flavorah Banana flavoring that had leaked so bad during shipping that it was only half full when I got it. I told Nicotine River about it and they immediately sent me a new one. The second time wasn’t even really a big deal to me. I had ordered a gallon of VG and when I got it the seal on the top was not completely down, it didn’t look tampered with, it just wasn’t sticking all of the way. I mentioned it somewhere here on the forum and Grant saw what I had said. He asked for my order number and immediately sent me a new gallon even though I told him it wasn’t necessary! So I have had only good experiences with Nicotine River! They are the best IMHO!!! I am sure that is the majority opinion around here! Also, Grant is always available and active here on the forum!


Cause I heard that there are wonderful things to come at NR, and I wanted to share that with everyone.


Grant, Adair, Sam and the rest of the crew at NR would not only give you the shirt off their back they’d tear their own arm off and give it to you if they thought it would help. @Nicotine_River are the one in a million that you always hear of and is usually somewhere else so treasure them and help us all make sure they prosper and are here for a long time to come. I know I can be a big pain in the ass at times when it comes to customer services issues and yet they just bite the bullet and treat me like family and that to me is a top of the line company. Besides they are growing and bringing us new wonderful things all the time. when I started shopping there they had but a few flavors and only two maybe three flavor brands and now look a them. And they just keep making it better and better.


I have to agree. NR is the best around. I’ve had 4 orders from them lately and their prices are the best, the shipping is free and quick. When I had an order a couple weeks ago, I called CS and they said that they were out of one of the flavors I ordered and overnighted it when it came in. They get all my business and will continue to do so.


awesome that alone will make me go take a look


Free shipping is for 1 to 25 lbs. Correct me on this if I’m off @Nicotine_River. It’s a great way to get your nic VG and or PG. As well as the flavors they offer. Pretty much a one stop juice shop as far as I’m concerned


@Dan_the_Man, What you haven’t been there yet. OMG Take this as my personal invite to the best DIY shop in the universe (IMHO) Here’s a link to the site


@Gmer4Lfe Sorry for abducting you thread.


Yea was really liking the site.had no idea shipping was free this is just the icing on top of the cake. I’m gonna throw them an order next week on pay day.i have a feeling if all goes well they will be getting all my business


Just remember that it has to be at least a pound to be free so if you are close with flavors you can always order some VG/PG or Nic to make up the weight.


they don’t have free shipping, ithought that sounded to good to be true. you have to spend so much to get free shipping just like every other shop.


I too have been getting some really low quality flavorings lately from 2 separate vendors. Now a couple of my old faithful mixes are not coming out right. I noticed that on my last orders the bottles are now plastic instead of the regular glass and I know these are being bottled from a larger container into the 1 and 4 ounce bottles I have been getting. I guess I am going to have to super clean all my mixing equipment and see if I have contaminated my flavorings somehow. I am down to the last of my VG in the gallon jug so I am going to use my new VG and see if maybe that was a problem with it being so low. I always shake everything before drawing out my measurements on a recipe. Always keep rinsed syringes and containers. wizard labs has been my got to supplier since I have found the best prices but I may go back to rts vapes just to check quality.I am getting. Anyone have thought on why my flavors suddenly aren’t coming out I welcome advice. I have been making my own ejuice for over a year without any problems until now.


I don’t have a clue why some ppl are having issues w/ flavors as of late. I typically order from the 2 main places but I’d certainly let them know if the concentrate isn’t up to par Most supplier would welcome this news but apparently not everyone hence this thread. Sorry that is stinky at least you’re doing what you can to eliminate the problem and figure out whats what. Good luck to you.


Finally placed an order though nicotine river. Prices seem nice, qualified for free shipping. Like the site. Still gonna try a few sites @amy2 suggested. Ty again