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DNA 200 Devices Are Not Impressing Me Much


I got the decal from a seller on amazon.I like it but it does make it a little slick.I picked up a silicone sleeve that I really like on eBay.I grabbed one for the wismec as well and am pleased with both.


I got some good communication from Michael Crespo at Vapor Shark. He informed me the LiPo is indeed removable and chargeable outside the device with up to 2 amp balance charging. That to me is a very smart move. I am not at all upset about this little bug because of how they have handled this so far. Joe told me they were great people to deal with. So far he was right.


I’m guess that when i get ready to build my DNA 200s, the DNA 200 forum will be a solid place to get the assistance i will need…parts list, reliable sources, etc…kinda exciting!


It seems to me there is a shortage of decent buttons to use in the DNA 200’s.


did you look at the link i sent of that one companies ebay store site?


Yeah. But if I were going to build my own I think I would use a Sardine can or something crazy. Block of wood. You can mount the stuff in anything. Think outside the “Box Mod”. I found some other hardware late last night.

Another thought it there is a Swiss machine shop right next door to us. They could whip up some buttons cooler than anything the other guys are using.


yeah, i want to do something different than just a standard Hammond box myself. i saw a guys mod, an Altoid box.
but my first might just be a Hammond box to get the feel. THEN, i’ll do something cool/different.
my Queen wants to do her DNA 200 build in a little coffin…gonna HAVE to make that happen!


I think the reason my Vapor Shark stopped charging is one of the battery or USB wires probably came loose on the board. I didn’t pull it all the way out to see. But knowing now that the battery is removable without voiding the warranty I wish I had. I did pull it out far enough to see that they have those wires in there very tight. Not sure if they planned that, or if was inherent to the design and they just decided to go with it.


So what was the problem with the tugboat dna? Because today mine was working great and usual, come home watch some TV go to take a vape and nothing? Screen doesn’t come on and mod doesn’t fire? Like wtf have absolutely no clue what could have went wrong. And since the warranty only 90 days and has most likely passed I’m kind of worried bc after all I did spend 200 on this paperweight!


I have learned that if you have the pre-heat set to 200 watts it can pop the fuse on the board. That was what happened to mine. Your best bet is to contact Evolve and let them know you have a problem. They will take care of you.


I’ve built about 8 mods, mostly DNA40’s, 7 of which are still in the rotation. I started with a hammond with dual batteries with a DNA30. I would definately recommend building a hammond box to start with. I would not reccommend using any kind of glue to glue the board down. You may want to remove that board at some future date…I did.

As far as enclosures go, only your imagination is the limit. There are companies that provide 3-D printing services so if you can use CAD software and design your own enclosure they can print it for you. 5 of the mods I have were printed on a 3-D printer (someone elses design, 'cause I’m CAD illiterate). There are also a number of different board holders or screen bezels that can be printed to “class up” a hammond box. Shapeways.com is the site that first comes to mind.

Hardware, switches, fuses & other hardware come from either mcmaster-carr or mouser.


I hope you’ve figured out your issues, but seriously man, vaping in a theater? People like you are why people think all vapers are douchebags.


Hmm. I missed this. I have never heard anyone call a vapor a douchebag. Especially me. If you are being called douchebag maybe you should stop being a dick. The theater I was in was practically empty. The only people close to us were vaping too. And the theater doesn’t have or enforce a no vaping policy. So before you spout off about shit you don’t know about please take the time to get to know the people of this community before bashing them.


I have all my cutoffs for lipo’s at 3.20v per cell. Most speed controllers are around that point. Don’t risk it, don’t bother below 3.1-3.2


the theater doesn’t have or enforce a no vaping policy.

They don’t have a “No holding up giant cardboard signs” policy either, but it’s common sense that it’s not allowed.
Vaping blocks people’s view of the screen. Also, it’s indoors, in a no smoking building. No smoking should be treated as no vaping, unless otherwise specified by management or signage.

I have never heard anyone call a vapor a douchebag.

You must not have visited the internet.


I’ve gotten to know @LordVapor a little on here and in chat and he doesn’t seem like a douchebag at all to me. Pretty sure he has a firm grasp on what on what’s tolerable when it comes to vaping in public. And I don’t think he would do anything to harm the vaping community.

ELR doesn’t have a “Don’t be a judgemental twat” policy either. I think it also falls into the common sense catagory.


I searched and search and could find a “common sense thread”. Lol.


This outlook is counterproductive to a primary GOAL of the Vaping industry as a whole. To distinguish between SMOKING (the burning of a substance) and VAPING (inhaling a liquid in vaporized form).

Further, it only serves to divide positions of the “limited numbers” (compared to the number of smokers) of those within the ranks of vaping. Not to mention the general public and their already unfounded fears of the new/unknown that is vaping.

While you’re welcome to your opinion, you’re not doing vapers or VAPING any service with your current attitude. Please consider what message you really want to send. Think bigger picture.


It’s not commonly found… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i got a vapor shark dna 40 and it was the biggest piece of crap ever! it all most blew up in my pocket the first day i had it and the battery indicator never worked and after that it just wont turn on anymore…had it for about two weeks