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DNA 200 Mods Keep Failing


That’s great that they’re working with you. Hope you get it all sorted out.


@johnny2419 you may have gotten some fake batteries. That would be the expected behaviour. Ask around here and folks will point you in the best direction for assured real batts


Just figured I add my two cents worth. I ordered 2 opus DNA 200 in January had a problem with one right from the start failed in no time .replacement board was shipped to me no charge quickly. It now has close to 40000 puffs on it trouble free both of the opus dna 200 have been trouble free .I use a quick charge all the time and did not change battery or charging settings just as set at opus the DNA 200 is in full control of charge by that I have mine set up to show board temp and amps when charging I also use pass through charging on a regular bace. the charging amps are regulated by the board and also by the temperature of the board do too excellent heat sink of the opus at 113 degrees Fahrenheit the Amps will start to cut back controlled by the board .as far as 200 watt pre heat set that’s nothing for a board design to put out steady 50 amps out put as long as you have good battery connections and heavy enough wiring to the board and good 510 I run .1 ohms 24 GA titanium even on the Borase pre heat 110 65 set watts temperature 470/ 520 hot vapor dense at 520 now I have helped others set up there DNA 200 two things I see regular mod set at 550 DF 150 watts pre heat 100 watts run .and tank gets real hot cold poor flavor to see the mod not reaching 380 DF in three second puff on e scrib if the wicking and coils are wright it will reach set temperature in the first second then the voltage will drop and amps just like it suppose too titanium I have found needs break in time bring the temperature up slowly I start at 360 with new coils my bellow v3 is really bad about this got to break in slow when I first got it I could not get it to work to save my life I have seen 42 amps put to it and got tank hot but that was all it did . for temperature control with titanium can not come close to DNA 200 it is the best I can not wait for the ss update for the DNA 200 that I been told is going to be a real game changer


What game changing update @lost_in_vape, you’ve got me curious cuz I haven’t heard?


The DNA 200 will be able to do like the DNA 75
At this point DNA 200 can only really have temperature control with titanium /nickel ss is more like temperature monitoring that’s going to change soon .I got to play with DNA 75 and the flat line on the temperature set is excellent with SS not so with DNA 200 YET but soon I started a chat on evole form update is in use just working out a few things before the release .


When you upload the SS CSV the DNA200 acts with SS just like it does with Ni and Ti. I don’t get what you’re talking about “temp monitoring”


The curve is drastic on nickel /titanium please bear with me not so with SS DNA 200 will not hold a flat line like the DNA 75 do to this .Trust me when I say I thought I lost my mind when I started playing with SS then got to play with the DNA 75 you can go to Evolv forum search problems with temperature control and SS the problem is solved in the DNA 75 it never had it do to things learned from the DNA 200 you all most need to try SS on the DNA 75 it’s like night and day same wire profile
And will be available in next update for the DNA 200 I should mention I only use temperature dominant in my mod


Thanks. If the update makes the DNA200 work the same then I’ll be happy to provide my impressions. Very intriguing and I appreciate the 411.


Thank you I enjoy the heck out titanium but some of my juice mixing I come up with is hard on the coils and cotton. Being new to mixing .I did up one of your recipes 200 mils begin of the month I got a week out of my cotton I enjoyed it my cotton liked it .I am doing good to get four days out of my cotton some times two .that’s the only reason I am interested in SS so i can clean it . Seeing I have come to believe my ability to Diy is going to take a lot longer than the speed these devices are moving forward


Sorry I forgot to quote who I was replying too, it is the 1st one of this post, all the way to the beginning, sorry again.

Yes, with the VT133 it has 2 metal square boxes soldered on the side
of fuses they are the biggest square metal looking boxes on the
board. They are silver and maybe rusty color. 1 is 1/3 of the way up
the board, on the right, looking at the board horizontally and the 2nd
1 is approx. 1/3 of the way down from the left, they are almost the width
of the board on the edge you can read DNA 200 and on the other side
opposite it says EVOLV.
From me dropping it so much the one closest to the fuses and right next to the two square black chips that are soldered 1 above the other on the left side of the board fell off (I could hear it hitting around, so I just took it out and kept using the mod) but it still worked but when I got the same message you got about the battery (some time much later) I opened the mod again and saw that the other one was about to fall off but it was still soldered so I just placed a folded up cardboard till it was flattened down on the board. I did not know how they are soldered down but it looks like right in the middle of the square.
They should have placed some hard foam or plastic be hide them and the frame of the mod, but that took care of my problem and I sub ohm at 0.2ohm and no more than 70 watts, more between 48-58 watts.
I hope this helps,