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Does anyone still get that craving?


“Does anyone still get that craving?” Yes, I just grab my vape gear and enjoy. Do I miss all the negatives about stinkies? No.
All I can remember is the last 30 or 40 years of trying to figure a way to quit without really trying.


I have been vaping for over 4 years now. Before I quit smoking I was smoking those little cigars. It was a bit of a struggle at first. I wanted a tobacco vape and bet I spent a couple of hundred dollars trying every tobacco juice I could find. (remember this was 4 years ago and the market hadn’t found its stride yet) I finally found a juice from a vendor that to me was exactly like an analog. It kinda tasted like a cigarette that you lit, put out in an ashtray then relit it again. I know that sounds gross but it completely took away my cravings for an analogue. It became my ADV for a really long time. In the 4 years there have been exactly 2 times where I tried a little cigar again and each time I couldn’t even finish half of it. Both times were at a bonfire with large amounts of alcohol involved. To me the key is finding a juice that you can enjoy that ‘replaces’ the analogue craving. Over the past year and a half I have moved completely away from the tobacco’s for no other reason than the fruity vapes now appeal to me.



Yes sillyrabbit, I crave taco chips and guacamole all the time. :wink:


OOO flavors has an Avocado I just picked up to play with aiming for a guacamole type flavor :slight_smile: Now what can I use for a Taco chip? Hmm got Baked Bread from RF.
Cravings it’s 6 years down from analogs but out of the blue I had one hit really strong a couple months ago… Like WTH was that? I’m not bothered by second hand smoke nor does it trigger any desire. Wife still smokes about 2 per day but hey down from 2 packs.


i used to struggle a few years ago. had one of those pen style deals. hit okay first 20min after a full charge. then, not so much. was tough. now with subohm rta/rda, never have any urges. …wasn’t a heavy cigarette smoker, but i smoked a lot of bud. vaping satisfied me enough to kick all those habits.


In the weirdest ways. I can’t even say it is for a cigarette. Maybe the activity? Picking one up and lighting it? I don’t crave the taste. I like the sensation of vaping much better to include throat hit and pulling the vapor into my lungs. Of course the taste of vaping is amazing. When I do get that “urge” it is short lived. I don’t find it odd. It was an addiction for nearly 40 years for me. No pants, oh well. No cigarettes “OMG! End of the World!” I imagine it will take my brain a while to forget.


I just completely gave up the idea of never having another craving for a smoke.
Thank God for vaping,

That is all.


After smoking for 46 years it’s kind of hard not to get a little craving I have
to be honest, after 15 months of not smoking it still kind of just a little bit
smells good to me so I vape 12 mg that keeps me satisfied and off the cigs.
I am very hesitant to lower my nic I don’t ever want to smoke again I fought too damn hard to get this far I’ll go back to 18 mg before I smoke again!


In April it’ll be a year for me and although I went straight for 0 mg when I startet to vape, I’ve only had the occasional after dinner cig crave - until this last month which has spun my mind quite a bit actually. I know I would find the taste repulsive and most probably hate it, but… :angry: Nah, won’t do it.


I’m with Steve-o_54. I started out with a much higher nic mg than most companies make now. I would never have been able to quit cigs w/out some 24-36mg flavors. Tobacco flavors didn’t make any difference to me but I still vape nicotine and have no urge to lessen or stop it after 7 years vaping.


I wasn’t a smoker, but I was hooked on general’s snus. I occasionally think i want one, but vaping fixes that.
I still keep an empty snus can lying around, just so I don’t feel that weird compulsion to go buy a full can.


wow 7 years of vaping how do you feel after vaping for 7 years? I sometimes wonder about the effects of long term vaping I have only been vaping for for 15 months


When it happened, I would buy a pack, and smoke them.

Made me realize just how much I hated smelling like an ashtray. And I really didn’t enjoy them like I thought I would.

Moving from 12mg in a nautilus tank to 9mg in a kabuki tank seems to have fixed that though.


Oh, you thought Satan (RJ Reynolds/Altria) were gonna let you go without a fight? It’s very normal.


The only time I’ve really had any cravings since I started vaping was in a casino with hundreds of cigarette smokers chain smoking. Wasn’t really that bad but those thoughts did swirl around in my head slightly :slight_smile:


The only time I had that unbearable urge to smoke was in a high-stress situation. My mom had been hit by a truck and there was a little asshole voice in my head saying, “You really need a cigarette. A cigarette will make you feel better.” Mixed up some 6 mg juice (I usually vape 3 mg), and made that voice shut up right quick. So glad I DIY and had that option available!


Yes, every time I see an empty pack of cigarettes on the street, which is weird since I only smoked RYO and don’t have it when I see an empty packet of tobacco on the street :thinking:
I just shrug it off and walk on. Two seconds later the craving is gone, gone, gone :relaxed:


No craving here for me at all, not sure if it’s because of my reason for quitting, it made me very ill / unfit.

Sometimes I don’t even vape, I can take it or leave it, take back control


very rarely will I get it. Whenever I pass a smoke deck, (area for smoking) or etc, sometimes it smells ok, other times I just want to vomit but eh


I never actually wanted to quit smoking. It just happened that I bought an Aspire Plato so I could “smoke” in my wife’s car on long trips, and it took away the need for me to grab cigarettes.
I’m now a good 5 months relatively smoke free. I say relatively, because I do occasionally enjoy some green herbs, but I don’t smoke any cigarettes anymore. Just the other day however, I suddenly did get a craving for it. I grabbed my mod, sucked on it and that was it, no more craving.

My wife compliments me sometimes out of the blue “I’m so happy you don’t smell of smoke anymore”, and even non-smoking friends that didn’t know I quit asked me how come I don’t smell of tobacco/smoke anymore.

I just think about that, take my mod and the craving’s gone in no time. I just think it’s because the habit was there for nearly 30 years, your mind can play tricks on you. Make sure you’ve got your vape stuff with you and don’t give in.