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Does anyone still get that craving?


Im not sure if its just me lol. But im still getting that I WANT A CIGARETTE CRAVING from time to time. It don’t last long, but i still get them. I was wondering if anyone else had this going on.




I’ve never tried any tobacco flavors, well i take that back i did. But it was more like a cigar. And I’ve never liked cigars lol


I don’t get cravings anymore for the real deal, but I vape tobacco flavors all day long!

I would suggest you read through the tobacco thread and see if there are any discussions that peak your interest. There are lots of tobacco liquids which are quite enjoyable that synth a real smoke. Stick to buying Hangsen for the core flavor, if you go that route, but you’re gonna want to make sure you have a bottle of INW Dirty Neutral Base to add to that core liquid at .5 to 1.5%; really gives it that analogue flavor one craves.

Study up on Tobacco Absolutes; they are the key to getting a satisfying tobacco vape!

Good luck! :+1:


What do you guys mean by good tobacco flavors, are you always talking about a good Smokey flavor or like tasting like the smell of a tobacco or?
I keep wondering this to myself… So figured id finally ask…

I’m unsure because I’ve had tobacco flavors that I didn’t like because they were Smokey, but loved the couple that seemed like a dessert/tobacco


Cant say that i have had a craving in years. Once i switched, after smoking for 30+ years, and my sense of smell came back i couldnt even stand to be around someone that smoked.

I dont do tobacco flavors BUT i recently tried one that i loved. Snowdrift by Bigglesworth Labs. Banana, Peanut Butter, serious Menthol and tobacco, i seriously love the stuff. Got me wanting to dip my foot into that world, if i do ill be checking out @Jimk’s recipes.


I did get the cravings when I first switched but at this time I don’t. I have since then tried smoking a cig when drinking with my buddies, 3 pufs and it was the Worst tasting thing ever. I was so happy to have that experience knowing that I was done with the physical aspect/taste of the cigs I once loved.

The worst part was this week returning from Vegas. I gambled, drank, and vaped for two days straight. It was great fun. But the last 4 days I’ve been going through a withdrawal from the second hand smoke. No urge to smoke, but could feel the withdrawal/stressors just like every time I had quit smoking…just not as bad.


Rarely anymore, but yes I do get them. When I do, I just grab my ELR Provari with my Nautilus tank that has 12mg of Tribeca by @Jimk … .after a couple draws, I’m all fixed up!


@TRisin, I’ve had a love affair with tobacco since I was about 11 years old; the taste and smell of tobacco has pretty much always been a part of my being. Cigarettes, cigars, pipe and chewing tobacco…you name it, I’ve experienced and enjoyed it in mass quantities.

There are lots of unique/different tobaccos and all those tobaccos have unique/different tastes and smells.



How best to put this? This is like asking the question “What do you guys mean by good fruit flavors?” How does one explain good fruit flavors…there are so many good fruit flavors, as there are good tobacco flavors. :thinking:


What I mean by that is are you talking about flavors being equal to smoke and that’s why they’re good
And for fruit I’d say good fruit would resemble the fruit itself, more than an artificial one, while I do love candy apple, a good fruit to me would be a true apple flavor.


This was my favorite from their lineup, wasn’t sure if I’d like but turned out to be my favorite. This had a really nice flavor and wasn’t one that tasted like smoke. Another I really liked I believe was John Wayne, not sure though another I tried had Smoke flavors to it, also with a name like John Wayne (named after someone type name) if it comes to mind ill update this… Anyway I can remember the graham cracker in it, it wasn’t up front but left such a nice graham cracker remnants that was amazing with coffee


Sounds like you’re referring to Uncle Junk’s John Wayne and Fog Cabin.

Cravings? Nah, not anymore. With a good device and an even better atomizer with decent airflow…and a good juice (adv)…I find my set ups to be a more efficient nicotine delivery system than analogs, waaaay better!
BUT with that said, I hang out with smokers, even some who vape right after smoking an analog. My dad still smokes, and my friends at bars smoke too.
I don’t even mind if my passengers smoke in my car, I used to, but now I fog it up!
But every once and again, I’ll have one of those people in my face, chain smoking. And I can resist and continue to vape, but every now and again, I will just say “Eff it! Gimme one!” , I’ll smoke the whole damn thing without an ounce of guilt or shame, I used to like smoking, I just don’t anymore and when I do smoke it’s like saying hi to that old girl friend who was good in bed but sucked as a person, great place to visit, but glad I’m DONE!


In essence, yes. There are liquids which taste of tobacco and there are liquids which taste of smoke/ash.

Smoke/ash liquids would be like INW Dirty Neutral Base, FA Black Fire and some (not all) tobacco absolutes. Tobacco folks love these flavors because they add the “real analogue” smokey ash flavor to the mix. Used in small percentages, it takes an OK tobacco mix to an OMG tobacco mix!

Most other DIY tobacco liquids taste like the name of the tobacco on the bottle.


It would be great if the vendor would tell you what type of tobacco profile was in JOIE DE VIVRE !:triumph:

This information, of course, would make it easier to clone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I had experience at all other than two juices I liked I might be of better help with that. Their whole line was good, all flavors I’d def like to recreate, the only one I was surprised by was the custard it wasn’t as good as I anticipated.
Idk if the reviews of Joie De Vivre help at all but they mention that ry4 (?)

And yes I do mean that John Wayne, just don’t know if it was the flavor I liked, I believe the other may have been Capone by Villain, ill check both flavor profiles but can’t say for sure which one was great and which one I didn’t care for


It would figure! Ry4 is the only tobacco flavor I don’t like! Hells Bells!


May have to try some tobacco later on in my mixing trials, hooked on custard again right now



Lmao. Only you brother.


Suggestion. Next time you’re ordering from ECX, put some Mile Seven in your cart and give that one a try. It’s a nice light tobacco flavor with a tiny bit of chocolate on the back end; very pleasant ADV by itself or with a bit of coffee and cream.

ECX Black Mile and Black Mile Plus are good as well. These have a nice cigarillo flavor with coco and/or vanilla in the background.

P.S. They’re not smokey!




Much thanks I appreciate that information

I’ll check out the tobacco threads too but you def just saved me some confusion of what to try