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Don't eat the meatballs


On thursday 8/16/2018 my daughter invited us to lunch :smile: I was not the one who made the final restaurant decision, but we went to Furrs for a buffet lunch. I was hungry so we could have went anywhere and I would have been happy. Everything looked so good on the buffet so I started with spaghetti and meatballs, some chicken and other sides. Well the meatballs tasted off so I ate around them, then proceeded to overeat and have desert. I was trying to be sure my daughter got her moneys worth.
Well to make a long story less long, my wife and I both got sick, I ended up passing out with low blood pressure and my wife called EMS, took me to the hospital. Spend all friday on IV fluids, now I’m trying to recover at home.
Moral: Furrs might be OK, but don’t eat the meatballs.


Yikes! Sorry to hear man.
Wishing you both a speedy recovery!


Yikes! that’s scary. Hoping you recover quickly.


I try to avoid restaurants , I cook and hope it turns out good and most of the time it does.
wishing you and wife a speedy recovery !!


That sucks. Hope both of you feel better soon.

I don’t trust restaurants in general, but having experienced places that don’t take hygiene very serious, I’m always the one just ordering salad. At least you can see right away how old the salad is, without having to eat it first lol.


Notify the restaurant and Health Dept?
I would ask if the hospital nurses were cute, but considering your dilemma you prolly didn’t notice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i am in the flooring industry and ive done repairs on 5star type restraunts , doing these repairs and being in the kitchen has made me stop eating at most places besides home , there are a couple that took very good care and were clean enough to eat off the floor , but not many


I can vouch for the nurses, they are very under estimated , and play a key role in every ones well being, I always thank them and show utmost respect, and always try to give a hug when leaving. Has anyone hugged a nurse lately, if not, you should !!!


I agree. Most are really awesome. Except for one time I asked a nurse if I could please have a catheter…without really needing it. :yum:


I hear you, when will we ever learn.


I learned as a truck driver long ago to avoid buffets. I was at a decent truck stop (Petro, if you’re familiar with them) and before going to the restaurant, I went to the bathroom. While I was there, this truck driver was in a stall taking and incredibly loud and noxious number 2. The sound alone was enough to make me wish I was wearing a raincoat and boots. I finished my business and was washing my hands when this gelatinous trucker came out of the stall and straight out the door. Then I went to the buffet and there he was, filling up a plate. So whatever caused his explosive experience in the toilet was now on his hands being transferred to the buffet utensils. I chose to eat off the menu. Doesn’t guarantee I won’t get salmonella or e-coli, but at least it’s less risk.