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Don't know how all you do it?


I love this. Not bold enough to do it myself, as I’ve gone back to some of my “so-so” flavors and changed my mind, but the concept itself is strangely enticing. Sorta like mixing a suicide (and if the kids aren’t calling them that any more THIS is what I’m referring to)


My son would never leave the restaurant.


I have 3 ‘Jungle Juice’ 240ml bottles now.

1 for Nutty vapes and Tobaccos
1 for Fruit flavored
1 for anything with Mint or MEnthol

Now and then, I’ll fill up a little plastic needle nose with one of them and drip it.
It’s interesting and it’s never been horrible. It’s either exceptional or just ok.


Ha ha I do it with the same varieties of fruit say I had 3 or 4 watermelon strawberry like mixes they all go into one giant bottle. I have a large batch ATM and it’s not bad. I call it making a suicide ( like we did as kids with the slurrpe machine :slight_smile:️)


That’s exactly what’s written on the side of my bottle of all these strawberry mixes I have that ended up being thrown in a huge ass bottle, too funny :slight_smile:


Great minds think alike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a great idea. I usually just dump it down the drain but will be trying this from now on.


Hmm I have not tried this Irish Cream BUT I do have 2 of their rhubarb flavor concentrates they’re a lil pricey but their stuff is highly concentrated and smell/taste like the real deal. I believe they are located in Wales.


Looks like it is OOS but you may keep an eye out for it coming back in ?

And oh jimmy lookie here dang http://decadentvapours.com/product-category/connoisseur-range/flavours/tobacco-flavours/


I’m out…

j/k :wink:


Ah come on! You will be impressed with their shiny green disco looking envelope that’s got a big sticker that states Royal Mail …ooohhhh that’s where my $ went lol. No the concentrates are BA !


I’m just playin :wink:

My British side of the fam like to jest when it comes to the welsh is all hehe


Also, their Absinthe is superb!


kewl ! I also have their berrylicious which is great but so concentrated I have to use it at 1% or under.


Hey btw I just got an email and those $7 crown coils are back in stock :slight_smile:


yeah those keep flying off the shelf I go put them in the cart and their gone ! I do it now!

( I try not to cuss :wink: )

Done ! And thank you, these 0.5 coils are Killin’ me.


I just bought my Crown awhile back. The package came in cracked. So they are sending me a free box of coils. Yippie.


OK, I followed some of y’alls lead and made my first “suicide”. I mixed all my old tobacco undesirables together and WOW! I am impressed. I’m gonna let it sit for a few days and try it again. I think I’ll go through the fruit ones and do the same. At the very least I’ll have even more empty bottles to fill up!


They are loathed even more than the French!


Lol that is horrible y’all. I wonder why this is ?


That is how it gets started. You want your bottles freed up. Next thing you know your dumping everything that hasn’t been touched in a while b4 you know it you have a suicide mix !