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Don't know my batteries' ages. Is that a problem?


I have 10 LG HG2 batteries that I rotate through my various single-cell regulated mods. I rewrap them as needed, so they all are in cosmetically good shape. I haven’t noticed any problems with performance on any of them, but I don’t pay particular attention to how much vape time I’m getting before I change batteries. The thing is, some of them have had three years of use, but I have no idea which. (Next time I purchase batteries, I will remember to transfer the purchase date when I rewrap them.)

How would I know if any of them are approaching the end of their useful life? If any of them are, and I’m not aware, are they potentially dangerous?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


They will just be less efficient - longer the charge and shorter to discharge.


Thank you. So, not particularly dangerous?




Not as far as I am aware


That’s just what I needed. Thank you!


Um…they stop working?


If you don’t know their ages, how can you properly celebrate their birthdays??


I know, right? :cry:


The way I see it… if they are properly cared for- charged/discharged, healthy wraps, etc. You’ll find that eventually they simply don’t sustain a charge as long as they used to. Like how my POS smartphone does anymore.

Age isn’t the biggest issue. I have some well over three years old that are not so useful for in higher wattage applications, but they work fine for my smaller stealth builds, low power. They just don’t have the staying power they used too. When you find they are not sufficiently useful anymore, wrap a piece of electrical tape around them or put them in their little cardboard shipping boxes if you kept them, and dispose of them in a proper recycle bin like you find at places like Wal-Mart. I use them in 18650 flashlights when they aren’t suited for vaping anymore.


My mods are internal batteries. When new they last well into 2nd day after full charge. When they dont last thru day one after charging they move to back of my mod box rotation. When they won’t heat my current wattage setting, they go to recycling.


Of course if any damage, swelling, odor, high heat in use or charging is a red flag… send to recycling. Common sense.