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Donut Showdown


Between my two favorite donut flavors, I am wondering if anyone out there had any good recommendations for the best donut/ roll flavor.

I am very heavily stuck in between my CAP Glazed Donut and FA Zepolla, they are very similar, yet have their own unique qualities, and I am trying to decide which to use in a ‘Cinnamon Roll’ recipe. It seems that CAP Glazed Donut is favored, but you cannot beat the quality that FA provides and I was wondering between the two, which seems to work better.

If there are any others that people favor such as TFA Powdered Donut or another that were not mentioned, throw it into the mix and speak your mind, there are no wrong opinions, just hidden gems.

This is all about finding a good base for a donut or any bakery type roll/ bread.


heard of cinn, swirl danish, never used it tho


Hi Pentine ! I love CAPs Glazed Donut as well as Zeppola FA that’s a tough one. I’d probably still use CAPs for a true donut as I get that from it some ppl talk about getting a play’doh effect from it but I really don’t get that from it but do from CAPs Funnel Cake - strange but whatev… Zeppola to me takes on a great bready base that has endless possibilities for combinations. One I really like is Zeppola at or around 1% and Vienna Cream FA @ 1% this is a nice sweet base for a bakery then you can build from their increase or decrease to your likings I know so ppl don’t like vienna cream , it is a steeper for sure that takes care of the nail polish effect :wink:

I like donut recipes lol http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?q=donut&filter=10030

in this recipe http://tjek.nu/r/93Z0 I use zeppola kinda high and I do like it but for me as I vape this I always want more of the cream icing sweetness so I will drop down the zeppola to around 1% and that takes care of that. The French Vanilla and vienna cream really play into this mix to make it sweeter this may help you on your cinnamon roll .

Which cinnamon are you thinking of using ?


I remember when the certain line came out and I single flavour tested, I found fa wow really disappointing. didnt really get a donut flavour. Now I love it in doughnut mixes as I find the likes of zeppola and caps doughnt decent but just doughy/bready, wow brings in the cake element really well. As far as the best doughnut flavour on its own though, winner is still Solub Arome Doughnut which I think is called beignet in certain countries with its labelling. Also most recently I am liking Pazcki (probably spelt wrong again, never remember) by real flavors in mixes


Euro flavors glazed donut is really good. Another one that’s surprisingly similar in its own way is pie crust nic vape.

I got burnt out on donut vapes a few years ago when they were starting to come out. I don’t have much experience with zeppola but i do have the flavor and it is pretty good.

At one time I did really enjoy cap glazed donut and cap chocolate donut. I thought they were really good and I was glad that I didn’t taste play dough like some people.


What % did you test that at?


I wanna say either 2 or 6%. I was trying to look over my notes and I didn’t put what % I mixed it at. I put it on my tester bottle but that bottle is gone bc I liked it. I gave it 9 out of 10. Did u get play dough from it?


My palate is an odd ball, that being said, I like Frosted Donut (TPA) alot, although I find it adds more of a powdered finish to things rather than frosting. I am a Play-Doh taster when it comes to CAP Glazed and Chocolate Glazed, also Funnel Cake. I like Zeppola, but mixed in a base of of two other cakes and usually under 2.5%. I recently tried and really enjoyed FW Glazed Doughnut, it’s sweet and the yeasty aspect isn’t overly prominent, no off flavors for me either. LB Baker’s Touch looks neat, although I have yet to try it, but it seems like it could add quite a bit to a donut profile. Might be worth a go. :wink:


Also, it’s totally not a donut, but FW Creamy Spongecake is actually quite nice, like a moist sugar cookie, with a kind of fried dough, I have been enjoying the heck out of it.


I’m gonna guess you went with 6%…lol
I believe tried it at 5% and wasn’t impressed, but I didn’t get any playdoh, it was just weak. I might try it at 10% just for S&G to see.


I’ve been eying that. Its in my cart! Sounds delicious! I wonder if some joy would push it into donut territory… :thinking:


At what percentage did you like CSC at?
I’ve been messing around with that as a replacement for Yellow Cake in a recipe & haven’t found it’s sweet spot.


Ah, you mentioned you liked FW creamy spongecake. I had that in my cart, and waited a day or so to male my purchase, and the cart auto empties on me, and I forgot to add it back in. I was really wanting to check it out damnit


I use 3-4.5% in Twinkie Style recipes. Like several new FW flavors like Creamy Chocolate Cake, Birthday Cake, it is pretty light. I usually use a heavier cake to pick up the slack. FW Vanilla Cupcake is a heavy white cake flavor I use to boost.


Thinking of using FLV cinnamon, it’s one of the few that doesn’t taste odd to me.

Might have to throw Vienna cream in the recipe, I find myself using it more and more lately.

FW creamy sponge cake, huh? Sounds like I have another item to check out, didn’t even know they had it. Tastes like a sugar cookie? All the more reason to try it out, thank you.


I agree FLV Cinnamon doesn’t have a chemical note but…nor does FA’s and you can control the profile a little easier . FLV’s is much more potent it would benefit from a larger batch but if I were to be working on the idea I may lean toward the idea of using FA’s Cinnamon for ease of mixability -that is prob not a real word lol but u know where I’m headed with this. Hahah

Just for fun I wanna throw out there that I really like FW’s white cake I know it has nothing to do w/ what we’re talking about but someone talked to you about FW’s sponge cake ( which I’ll totally have to try also )


I am thinking I might have to give FA a try, every time I use FLV cinnamon with Apple, it turns out tasting like oatmeal… Hmm. My ciders and pies are in dismay because of it.

I have the white cake but haven’t played with it much, might try that in a donut recipe as FLV pound cake just isn’t doing the trick. Tastes nasty…