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Double Bubble Trouble


Hello All

Im pretty new to Diy and I am having trouble with a bubble gum juice. I am using TFA bubblegum, I have tried it at 8%, 12% + .5 Em, 12% + 2% Marshmallow and 1% Em, 16% + 2% sweetener, and finally 20% + 5% Tfa sweetener. The flavor is weak no matter what I try. I was buying a bubblegum from my local BM and wanted to replicate that flavor. It tasted like Double Bubble, and It was sweet just like the real thing. Is my problem the TFA Bubblegum? Was also buying Juicy Fruit Bubble gum from them and it was excellent and tasted just like the real thing also. How can I recreate these 2 amazing flavors?

PS, I like these 2 flavors to be sweet. The ones I was getting from my Bm were full flavored and left my lips sweet when licked.


I do not use any sweetener, and also I am pretty new to the diy. I have the tfa bubblegum that I use in some of my other juices and it tastes perfect to me. I also have the juicyfruit one too and it taste just like the real thing. I make some grape bubblegum and I am only using 6% bubblegum and my juicyfruit I use as a stand alone and I use it at 10%. I hope that helps some.


Ill try them both at 10% no sweetener. The Bm juice I was getting was shake n vape and the flavor was really full and sweet. I would vape it as soon as I got home. really wish they were still open to maybe find out their recipe. For some reason at every % I have tried the Tfa Bg it tastes like a secondary flavor, with sweetener, without, with Em, without. Doesn’t matter it tastes secondary with no primary bubble gum note. What vg/pg Fog? I was doing 70/30 and 60/40. Maybe I need to knock it down to 50/50 @ 10% TFA Bubblegum?


I usually make my mixes at 70/30. Be sure to shake your flavors before you add them, sometimes that helps. Also with your bm store you could always vape as soon as you buy them but they have already been pre-made ahead of time therefore had time to steep. I do always let mine steep for a minimum of a week. The longer the better in my opinion. I shake them everyday to make sure they get mixed real good and keep them in a cool dark place.


Ok Ill try that. I have a hobby paint shaker I made out of a jigsaw and a quick clamp. I used it on one bottle and it shook it so much it turned the clear liquid opaque white because of the amount of agitation. Took about 30 mins for the tiny air bubbles to separate back out and the liquid to clear up again lol. I appreciate the help and will apply the new information to my recipes and see if they start to come out better.


Best of luck, let me know if that helped.


I made this very simple recipe and everyone that tried it said it tasted like the gum juicy fruit. simple enough to try. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1110631/Polynesian%20Peach%20(Juicyfruit)


Ok David Thanks, I think I may have those flavors on hand. I will give that a shot.


FW bubblegum tastes just like double bubble. I don’t think I would go as high as 5% with the sweetener though. That’s a coil clogger for sure.
It could also mute flavors at that high of a percentage.
3% is pretty high for sweetener and will leave a sweet taste on the lips.


Ok, I will order some Fw to try. My percentages came from recipes listed on this website. After 8 12 and 16 percent my last attempt was a recipe on here at 20% with 5% sweetener. I have determined the TFA bubble gum is going to be a better secondary flavor when mixed with another flavor. Thanks for the tip I will order some Fw bubble gum.


@AuraBorealis Small repackaged flavorings can be bad. Imagine the repackaging process where a large container is portioned off into tiny bottles …maybe THEY didn’t shake the large container enough? I say this because it happened to me. My very first order from a low-volume Vendor almost ended my DIY journey …maybe it was just old, but the flavor was unvapable (Strawberry Ripe TPA!). Try re-ordering the flavor in a slightly larger size like a 30ml and just vigorously shake with your hand just before mixing.

I have had inconsistent results from 10ml flavor bottles but never any issues with the 30ml sized. Also less is often more, which sounds stupid, but you will discover ever higher concentrations of flavorings don’t deliver equally higher amounts of that flavor in a Vape. When you start lower and want more, you can always add. When you get your new BGum try it at maybe 6% single flavor and vape a little bit each day to watch how it changes over the week(s)


Alright i will try that. I live 15 minutes away from heartland vapes so I buy everything through them because I can pick up in store etc. Its a large operation and would assume they move a lot of product. Most of my local bms use the same bottles I buy from heartland and I assume they use them as their retailer and know they are the largest wholesaler in the area. 8% was super weak, and every time I went up in % with the TFA Bubble gum the flavor got stronger and never reached a point of tasting like chemicals etc. I will try it at 6% but my expectations are pretty low based on the amount of testing I have already done with this product.


Every % I tried came from a recipe on this website. Even the 20% with 5% sweetener. After trying 8 12 and 16% I didnt have much to lose trying 20%. I Tried numerous recipes so maybe I have got a bad batch of flavor but I doubt it based on my research on this flavor. I have read several people say the flavoring is weak and this works better with another flavor such as grape, strawberry, etc…


Never had TPA but I find good bubblegums hard to come by. Have tried INW Donald Bubblegum and RF Bubblgum and they were both awful in different ways. Inw Blue Dwarf is a pleasant blueberry type light bubblegum but doesnt seem to mix well with anything. FA Tutti Frutti is pretty good as juicy fruit chewing gum.
By far the best two I have had are INW YC Bubblegum and surprisingly Bubble Bubble Pink Gum by One on One which tastes pretty hubba bubba to me