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Doubts in the mix at weight


Hello everyone,
I was here mixing Pro Vapes’ chocolate milk base, and I had a question!

As I mix to weight, I usually introduce the weight of the gravity of the flavor into my flavors that I have in the stach, at least those that I can collect the information from the manufacturer!
But in the Flavors Medicine Flower, I could not find … and precisely in these concentrates, it seems to me that is the most important, because 2 or 3 drops can make a difference.
Has anyone ever faced this problem?
In this particular case, should I withdraw the gravity values ​​of the other flavors?


I pretty much go with the SG provide by the calculator. If an SG isn’t provided by the manufacturer or it’s not entered into the calculator, it defaults to 1 gm per ml. I personally haven’t tried weighing the MFs for a SG.


Ok Pro Vapes,
… and when you consult the grams of the Bavarian Cream and Sweet Cream flavors, do the same values ​​appear in my image? :pensando:


If you have “Use manufacturer specific gravities” checked in your preferences, then your recipe should be identical to mine.


In case of gravity inference, the setting overlaps! that is, that has it activated or not, it will get the weight of the flavor …


As far as I know, @daath enter the MSG from manufacturer provided MSDS. Where no MSDS is provided then the weights used in the calculator are 1 gm per ml which may or may not be accurate.

I suggest you weigh your flavors if you want more accuracy than the defaulted 1 gm per ml.


Already now, and off topic, their recipes must be delicious… I already ordered some MF flavors (Banana, Vanilla, Nectarine, and Caramel) to make some that pleased me.
I was in doubt as to the Strawberry, if I had to order it to make its base, or substitute for Real Flavor …
But thank you in advance for your experience, and sharing with the vaping community :+1:


I believe most people use the standard values that the site uses, so no custom product specific gravities.
If you’re going to use custom sets, my bet is that you’re going to throw off other people’s recipes you’re trying to recreate as well as prevent others to replicate your own recipes the way you intend them to be.
IIRC, I read something like this as well when I read through the beginners guides. That’s the main reason I’m not messing with it and take things as the site provides it. It’s not because a measurement isn’t 100% theoretically correct that these recipes by weight don’t work out. The important thing I guess is that everybody tries to work the same way if they want to get a similar result.


I usually introduce the gravity of the flavors, and I noticed that the value was different from yours because I had not put the value of Sweet Cream, so my doubt


Nailed IT! That makes it so much easier for everyone.It may not be the most accurate but it is repeatable and that is what matters most.


I’m not against this reason, but if you notice the two images, we have 0.13 gms of difference in the sweet cream, in the flavor in question is not relevant, but the same value in MF flavors, can be important …


If it makes you feel better , then please let me say you are correct! Now if you want to make the recipes as 99% percent are laid out then use the defaults…


I was using the standard, and I noticed that for the sweet cream to have the same weight, it had to introduce the weight of the taste!
Or am I doing something wrong?

PS: I always had the configuration by gravity, I only got the same value when I put the weight of sweet cream.


Do it however it makes your personal OCD happy just write up detailed notes in your flavor comments sections so another equally as OCD mixer can duplicate your mixes without to much fumbling. We all do it a tad different and even the very base VG-PG suppliers we use can alter the taste of an otherwise perfectly copied recipe.