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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


I know that feeling all too well. If I one day get good enough to the point of making my own, I am sure I would very very rarely them 5 stars unless I genuinely believed the were on par with others I would rate the same. I’ve always been my own worst critic, but the one good thing about that is that I usually push myself to do even better.

However, I am just like you, much much nicer and less strict when it comes to other people.

To the OP though, that sucks. Like I completely understand that if you make something and you genuinely believe it is good and worth 5 stars, then you should be allowed to give it that. Honestly, it just hurts the whole system to not rate a good recipe highly, most the time those are the ones that will be made anyway, so we should want good stuff to reach the top, helps everyone… like why be a douche about it

Oops just realised how old this thread is and how old that comment is… sorry.


You are right. I’ve been preaching this a while. The congregation seems to be asleep though :slight_smile:


I vote Aye :+1: I would think @daath could set permissions which include at minimum some primary “Badges” which must be accomplished before Rating on Recipes. I imagine that would be easier delivering the intended result than forcing a comment …which could just be “xxxxxxx” to satify the rule


Problem is, the badges are only on the Forum, and most of the schmucks don’t bother with communicating with the ELR family.

Also, if they do XXX for a comment, then they’re easily identifiable as a schmuck and can be gotten rid of. Really though, you can’t stop someone from circumventing any system if they want. Even if their stash must contain the flavors in the recipe they’re rating, nothing stops a schmuck from entering flavors they don’t actually have. Haters gonna hate.


I want to do this, and have been wanting to for so long. But it’s not a very simple thing to do, and between work and monitoring ELR for scrapers/bots (I ban a few every day), I haven’t had the time for it. There are so many things I’d like to do :stuck_out_tongue: I know, action speaks louder than words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel you bud. I wasn’t aiming that at you though - just whoever is listening :slight_smile: Besides, it took me six months to figure out how to get the stupid little twitter logo off my website, so I ain’t one to point many fingers!!

Oh yeah, and to drive this point home. The following is user setting for the load management software I use. I have to figure out which ones say yes and no, etc. This is only about a third of the page. It’s driving me batshit insane!


The abuse of the ratings system on here is shocking. These are obviously 2 fake accounts created just to downgrade a great recipe.


Partly my fault, @kreed. I saw it as it happened but then the wife needed some help and i forgot. On the other end there are also two accounts with the same IP that 5 stared the recipe.

Ill let @daath know and sorry for letting this slip my mind.


Thanks @Ken_O_Where …appreciated


Thank you for pointing it out, we do what we can when we see problems but the site is huge and we rely on everyone to point out issues. :slight_smile:


I’ve had loads on mine too…but I’m ignoring them these days as I tend to piss a few people off from time to time…and if thats all they come back with…then fair enough.
But Ella doesn’t deserve that treatment…so thanks :slight_smile:


If you dont piss off anyone you aint doing it right, hehehe.

I think one of the problems is the favorite button being where it is, i have a couple that were a mistake but i figure it will sort itself out eventually. Ill take a look at your account as well, i do try to keep a close eye on ratings but stuff slips through.


As I’m putting some of my recipes into the database, I am rating them for my own organizational value, this isn’t frowned upon, is it? They are still private


Im not exactly sure what you mean, sorry, im perfectly medicated right now. But private recipes are private and i dont think there are any rules governing private mixes.


I’m gonna take a wild guess that you meant rating…? Rate away. Lol


I bet yer right, im so derp right now…


Lmfao! Derp away, dear. :wink:


As @Ken_O_Where mentions we keep a lazy eye on that - we won’t catch everything, but we do catch a lot.

I’ve removed the two alt accounts and sent an email to the real account. Recipe score should adjust itself soon.

Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:

Those two look legit enough. There was a big time gap there, so it was likely a dynamic IP from a pool :slight_smile:


You mentioning that brings up a great point.

How many of us are behind a home network?
I know I am. And not so long ago, there were two of us who vaped, and shared liquid amongst each other (in trying to find what we liked our didn’t like) … So it’s far from outside the ‘realm of possibility’ IMO that more than one might comment on the same recipe from the same address.
Am I saying it would happen frequently? No. Of course if it did, then I would consider it suspect.
But I can see it happening.

That said, I’m usually the type to look for the unexpected (like this)… But I also have to remind myself at times that circumstances aren’t always what they seem.

Not defending any schmucks. Just a few thoughts about those who might get caught in the crossfire.


Thats why i let daath know as he has more logs/information than i would. Sometimes it is pretty obvious tho, i am better at obvious, hehe.